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12 Pictures Showing How Bad The Houston Flood Really Is


By now, many people have seen photos or heard celebrities ask for donations to help in the relief efforts that are going on in Houston. The tropical storm known as Hurricane Harvey ripped through Houston and affected several other states. More than 39 inches of rain fell on southeast Texas from Thursday evening to Monday morning.

The town of Dayton was one of the towns that was hit the hardest.

Over 9 days of extremely heavy rainfall resulted in flooding in parts all over Texas.

The National Hurricane Center estimates that there could be a total of 50 inches of rainwater that will fall near or over Texas.

CaptureAssociated Press

Usually, Texas experiences 50 inches of rainfall in one year but parts of Texas could experience that much in just a week’s time. Harvey is said to have traveled approximately 3,100 miles moving from east of Barbados all the way to the Texas coast.

12Associated Press

The Category 4 hurricane was measured near the Rockport, Texas airport as producing winds that were as fast as 130 miles per hour!

11Associated Press

Hurricane Harvey is the third Category 4 hurricane to have ever made landfall on the Texas Coastal Bend region. Hurricane Carla was the other one and that was back in September of 1961.

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