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28 Pictures That Are So, So Dumb But So, So Funny


At this point in time, the internet is making real life look really boring. Thanks to the infinite breadth of information, and access to hilarious people from all around the world, we can access the most interesting and hilarious things without leaving our homes. It’s thanks to a combination of things, but mostly due to these websites:

  • Tumblr,
  • Twitter,
  • Reddit.

These sites facilitate over-sharing for points and likes, resulting in an infinite stream of “virality” and jokes. The classroom clowns are no longer confined to their schools, providing a 24/7 feed of “Caption This” submissions and hilarious observations about their dumb mistakes.

Here’s a roundup of 28 pictures that are really dumb, but also really hilarious.

1. Was there even an attempt? Or maybe this was intentional. It probably drove a lot of people to their sale, just so they could ask: “Do you know your entire sign is misspelled?” 


2. This poor soul left the toilet seat up at 2 AM and now he understands why women urge men to keep it down. The real story is in the amazing hashtags. 

2. facebookFacebook

3. You only need vegetables to have a good time! The couple in this picture are living, breathing proof of that. This should make you want to increase your veggie intake. 


4. I would have never skipped class if a cute dog wearing pink sunglasses was a standard in the classroom. 


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