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20 Pictures That Are The Pure Embodiment Of Genius

genius life hacksPikabu

Thanks to the internet, cutting corners and finding ways to make life easier can be easily shared among people everywhere.

No longer just a clever family secret or knowledge kept to a small community, these are of some of the greatest life hacks ever and the pure embodiment of genius.

Have you ever found a new way of doing things and couldn’t wait to share it with everyone that you know? Well, these people found unique ways to cut corners in their own lives! The following 20 photos of genius life hacks will have you excited to try them yourselves!

1) This photo showcases a really genius way of being able to read while having a bath! This life hack features a dog leash attached to a hook fixture to keep the book from ever falling inside the bath!

genius life hacksImgur

2) Need to make a bunch of s’mores for a crowd? No problem! Use a new, clean rake!

genius life hacksPinterest

3) Use a bread tab, or perhaps a soda can tab to save your place on a roll of tape.

genius life hacksPinterest

4) Any person who has ever drilled holes into plaster walls can tell you that a great deal of debris can spray all over the floor. Using a post-it note can stop this from happening and save you time on clean up.

genius life hacksPinterest

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