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20 Pictures That May Prove You Have A Dirty Mind


The mind is a pretty interesting thing. Sometimes it can trick our eyes into seeing something that may not make sense, or may not be there at all. Would you consider yourself a person who has a dirty mind? It’s not something you should necessarily be ashamed to admit, we’re all human after all. Sometimes things cross our minds that we wouldn’t necessarily say out loud.

Have you ever looked at a picture and had to really question what it was that you were seeing? A lot of the time our brain can take us to some dirty places, especially when a picture looks questionable at first glance.

Here are 20 pictures that may prove you have a dirty mind.

1. Admit it…at first glance, you thought this was a photo of a woman walking around with her buttocks fully showing. Get your head out of the gutter, because it’s just a neck pillow placed in an inconvenient location.

2. That is one truly questionable looking mushroom!

3. I wonder if this lady had any idea what was going on in this picture.

4. Before everyone freaks out, the questionable shape in between this man’s legs is not what you think it is! It’s actually just the foot of the woman who is sitting directly behind him.

5. I think we all know what was going on in the head of the person who designed this risque hot dog stand.

6. No, the woman in this photo is not naked. What looks like her naked torso is actually just the arm of the woman she is hugging.

7. The shape of this fluffy dog is quite questionable, and if you have a dirty mind your thoughts may have gone elsewhere upon seeing this photo.

8. At first glance this photo seems completely x-rated, but it’s not. This model’s hand may look like something else, but only if you’ve got the dirtiest of minds.

9. This photo gives us what looks like an epic side view of this woman’s cleavage, but it’s actually just the elbow of the person who is taking a picture of her.

10. For any of you out there with dirty minds, you may not have realized that the object dangling between this man’s legs is just the baby’s foot.

11. If you though this girl’s armpit was something else, you should really get your head out of the gutter.

12. No, this man isn’t overly excited to be spending a day at the park with his girlfriend, the color of his shorts just matches the slide in the background.

13. At first this photo looks like a pretty risque shot of a woman in her underwear, but it’s not! It’s actually just an upside down photo of a bed.

14. No, this is not a photo of a woman’s rear end. It’s actually just the arms of two couches coming together.

15.  If this photo makes your mind travel to dirty places, you really need to start thinking a bit differently.

16. I really hope I’m not the only person who burst out laughing at this photo. I wonder if the people who created these street names knew exactly what they were doing.

17. The placement of the Oscar Meyer wiener in this photo clearly wasn’t very well thought out.

18. Am I seeing this right? Nuns in short skirts?! Oh wait, they’re just sitting on bar stools that are supported by fake pairs of legs.

19. This minion looks like he’s trying to sneak a glance at this girl’s legs, but in reality the placement of the girl beside the minion made for a perfect photo.

20. Wait a second…does this girl have a massive, hairy arm? What’s going on here? Well, if you really look at the picture you can tell that the girl’s arm is actually just the leg of a guy in jeans off camera.


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