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16 Pictures That Prove You Probably Have Thalassophobia


There are two types of people in this world. One group is all for beaches, vacation and swimming in the open ocean – they might even be curious about snorkeling or surfing – and then there’s the other half that is absolutely terrified about setting foot in the ocean. Does this sound like you? Does the thought of taking a casual swim in the ocean send shivers down your spine? Or perhaps you have an irrational fear of seeing a shark at the bottom of your swimming pool? Did you know that there is actually a name for this? It’s called Thalassophobia and it’s a real phobia. Thalassophobia may cause the fear of:

  • Sharks
  • Deep Water
  • The Unknown

Is this starting to sound familiar? Some of you may be shaking your heads and wondering how someone could be afraid of a little water. Well, have a look at this gallery to learn why this phobia exists.  

Some of you might not even know that you have Thalassophobia. Whether you’re here to test your bravery or laugh in the face of darkness, check out this gallery that is sure to give you the willies. 

1. Between Pillars: Could you imagine going for a swim at a harbor and seeing this? Your only options would be to stay completely still, trying to remain unnoticed as your oxygen runs out, or making a mad dash for the surface but having to take your eyes off this creature.

2. Every Child’s Irrational Fear. Even though this concept is wildly impossible, doesn’t this image make you feel a bit uncomfortable? If the answer is yes, you might be dealing with Thalassophobia.

3. If you were skittish about going surfing or paddle boarding before, this close encounter will send shivers down your spine.

4. While most whales are not looking to tip or swallow boats like Monstro from Pinnochio, could you imagine being in this boat? The size difference alone is enough to make the average person sweat.

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