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20 Pictures That Show The Difference Between 2007 and 2017

For most of us, 2007 really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but if you look back in time and compare 2007 to 2017, you’ll see that a lot has changed (like really a lot). From social media to fashion to the Kardashians to even the way we eat and prepare our food, the past ten years has brought the world a whirlwind of changes. Looking back, 2007 seems like it was a calmer and more innocent time. 2007 showed us the early days of Facebook and Twitter, a lack of celebrity social media feuds, and no Instagram filters in sight.

It’s inevitable that things in the world change over a period of ten years, but it’s hard to notice these differences when you’re just going through the motions of your regular life.

Believe me, a lot has happened since 2007, and these 20 pictures will show you just how much has changed.

Fashion in 2007 showed us a lot of tacky attire, low-rise jeans, Von Dutch T-shirts and popped collars.


Today, it’s all about the printed tees and crop tops with social media worthy lines on them.


In 2007, we stuck to our regular Mars Bars or yummy KitKat chocolates, because why complicate something that’s already so delicious?

Ten years later, and apparently spaghetti donuts are a thing?!

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