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16 Pictures That Show Exactly Why Women Live Longer Than Men


It has been scientifically proven that on average, women live longer than men. According to the the Journal Of Human Stress, in the United States men have a higher mortality rate than women. How high exactly?

The study suggests that men’s mortality rate is 60 percent higher than women’s. The study also suggests that the main reason for this is higher heart disease rates among men, higher rates of cigarette smoking among men and Coronary Prone Behavior Pattern, among others.

When you put aside all these scientific facts and just use your common sense, it’s not really hard to grasp the fact that women live longer than men, and here are 16 pictures that will prove just that.

1. When there’s a sale on TV’s at the local electronics store, it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you cash in on the sale. Safety, not even once.


2. If that’s how this guy wears his safety helmet to work, I’m surprised he hasn’t died yet.


3. Is this some elaborate prank, or did this man’s son basically almost just kill him with a bow and arrow?


4. As someone who is afraid of heights, even a quick glance at this picture makes me dizzy.


5. Let’s hope these two guys reached their destination alive…although I doubt they did.


6. I can’t tell for sure what exactly this guy is doing, but it doesn’t look safe at all.


7. Trampolines are always fun…but definitely not the type of purchase you would want to make if you lived on the very top floor of a tall building. That’s just a catastrophe waiting to happen.


8. There are so many things going on in this picture. I’m not even sure where to start, but it looks like this guy improvised with what he had to reach that lamp. Is he smart, or just really stupid? You be the judge.


9. I’m not entirely sure what this police officer was thinking, but maybe he just had a really long day and was looking for a moment’s rest.


10. This man is clearly not putting any type of thought into the way he is handling this banner. Talk about irony, right?


11. A part of me is really hoping and praying that this photo was taken as a joke, but something is telling me that it was not.


12. I guess you can say this guy at least tried to be safe by protecting his face, but he didn’t really do a good job of it.


13. What could this guy possibly be looking at that would convince him to pull such a risky and stupid maneuver? Let’s just hope he got out of it alive.


14. How on earth did this guy even get up there? This is a question I will be pondering the answer to for the rest of my life…


15. Because why hire a professional to fix your broken air conditioner when you can just do it yourself?


16. Why do it the right (and safe) way when you can scrounge up three of your friends and do it the stupid way?



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