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24 Pictures That Will Make You Uncomfortable


Pictures are supposed to say a thousand words but sometimes pictures can just emit an emotion which says a lot more. Toe curling, palms getting sweaty and just a sort of backing away from the computer screen is the kind of emotion that I am talking about here. Uncomfortable situations are things we generally want to stay out of. That awkward silence or that glance-over-the-back-and-see-the-person-you-were-just-talking-about-standing-there kind of awkwardness are examples of moments we try to stay away from.

But from piercing your toenail to incorrectly eating your snacks, these images are sure to make your toes curl.

Here are 24 images that are sure to make you feel uncomfortable.

Unless it is milk, chocolate milk or a bowl of cereal, this is a complete abomination of the sanctity of a chocolate chip cookie. These delicious treats are supposed to be treated with care (and milk!). And let’s be honest here, the best part about dipping your cookies in your cereal was the milk after!


Now there is an obvious joke here. Where does that guy’s wrist start?!


This year for Thanksgiving is a creepy turkey. The face stuffed against the sheet as well as the outstretched limbs begging for mercy just makes this look that much eerier.


This could seriously be a villain or some horrifying entity in a horror flick. The whites of the eyeballs as well as what is left of her nose just makes this a sight to behold.


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