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Pilot’s Last Words Before His Whole Family Died In Tragic Crash Are Gut-Wrenching


Going to Disney World is often a goal many children and families have. It’s supposed to be a magical experience that will never be forgotten.

Tragically, for one family from Tennessee, their Spring Break trip to Disney Land turned into a living nightmare and ended up being the last trip the family would ever take together.

When 45-year-old Joseph Crenshaw was flying his family home in a private plane, he lost control and crash landed in Alabama which ended up killing everyone on board.

Air Traffic Control has released the details as well as the heartbreaking last words that came from Joseph before he was never heard from again.

Joseph and his family were returning from a vacation in Disney World when a storm hit and they were caught in heavy rains.

He was flying with his children, Jillian,14, and Jacob,16. His wife Jennifer, 43, was also on board during the fatal crash on March 25th.

In the final moments that Joseph was in contact with ATC before the accident, they managed to hear the three words that would end up being his last. He was flying in a plane similar to this one during the crash. 

During the return trip, they were alerted by ATC to moderate due to extreme precipitation and told him to change his route. But it was too late.

As he was piloting the plane and in communication with ATC, Joseph reportedly tried to change to a different route that the controller thought would be the fastest through the bad weather, according to ABC.

Unfortunately, there was no alternate route that would result in a better option. The only thing Joseph could do was try to maintain the plane’s current elevation which was 12, 0000 feet in the air. But the plane began to descend.

He was then told that he could get out of the storm by heading east or southeast, but the plane continued to descend dropping 5,800 feet as Joseph tried to switch courses.

This was when the controller told Joseph to check his altitude, and that was when he uttered his final three words before the radio when silent and communication was cut off.

‘I’m doing the best I can,’ where the last desperate words that Joseph spoke before the plane spun out of control and crashed around 2:30 p.m. close to Hayden, Alabama.

Debris from the crash landed in 5 different areas and witnesses of the crash and accident site have described it as ‘a mess.’ One man saying that you can’t even tell that it was a plane.

Witness Brittany Reno said that after spinning around a few times the plane came down with a nose dive. ‘The wing came down over us and then the wind carried it over into the field,’ she said.

The debris is being collected from the various locations and will be taken in to be examined further.

Friends and family of the Crenshaw’s are in shock and saddened by their sudden death. Rick Chin, who went to college with Joseph said that he was always able to put a smile on your face and was active in the community. ‘It’s unbelievable,’ he said. ‘It doesn’t make any sense, it’s so tragic to lose such an active and vibrant family. It’s devastating.’

A family member told ABC news that relatives are grieving and in shock. They were a prominent family in Tennessee and had roots dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Jacob and Jillian were beloved students at a private school are dearly missed. The University of Jackson School where they attend posted to Facebook regarding the tragic news.

It’s still too early to determine what exactly caused the crash, but the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating it.  


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