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15 Photos From Pippa Middleton’s Wedding That You Need To See


Pippa Middleton was married to James Matthew’s last week but the internet still can’t get enough of the gorgeous photos from their wedding.

The wedding created some of the most popular photos on the internet this week, and you’re about to see why!

The wedding took place at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire. The groom and bride were surrounded by close family and the reception was held at the Middleton’s family home in Bucklebury.

From the beautiful wedding gown designed by Giles Deacon to the pics of Kate watching over the kids who took part in the wedding, it’s all super gorgeous! Here are 15 photos from Pippa Middleton’s wedding that you need to see.

1. The bride and her Dad. Pippa was already one of the world’s most famous bridesmaid back when Kate Middleton got married, now it’s time for her big day.

2. Here’s a full view of Pippa’s dress. It was designed by Giles Deacon who was reportedly spotted arriving at her house with a dress in November. But until it’s confirmed, Deacon isn’t commenting on the rumors.

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3. Kate was a busy bee on the day of the wedding! As well as keeping the kiddies in line, she was also right there to help with the wedding train, the same way Pippa did on her wedding day.

4. Here comes Prince George! Look how cute he looks with his little royal wave. You can also see Pippa off to the left.

5. As you can see, Kate definitely had her hands full. I wonder if this made her think twice about having more royal babies.

6. Looks like little Charlotte was ready to make a break for it. You can see how hard Kate is trying to keep her patient and calm.

7. And here come the men. Prince William and Harry casually stroll in without a care in the world. It’s nice to see the brothers spending some time together.

8. Keep it together Kate! Hopefully, someone took over babysitting so she could have some time to enjoy the wedding as well. You’d think they would have a royal nanny or something to help out during a big day like this one. 

9. Here comes more family! Carole Middleton was escorted into the church by her son James Middleton.

10. Happy as can be, the couple smiles and waves. Looks like everything went just as planned. They’re both practically glowing with happiness.

11. Well, I certainly don’t blame her for getting a bit tense. You can totally see it in her face. I’m sure her kids behaved but it can definitely be a lot to keep them in line for so long at such a formal event.

12. You tell ‘em Kate! Although they’re dressed proper and perfect, it looks like the kids might have been acting up at this moment.

13. More kids! They all look so precious. Often, children are not invited to weddings so it’s nice that Pippa chose to include them.

14. Brother and sister. Check out how George is helping Charlotte. These are definitely photos that the family will treasure for years.

15. And they’re off to live their happily ever after. Pippa looks so incredibly happy as James’ hair blows in the wind as they drive off.

This is definitely a day that Pippa and James will remember forever and it’s so nice that the internet was able to see these photos. It almost feels like you’re right there with them.


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