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16 Plane Etiquette Rules We Should All Be Following


When you’re taking a trip and flying on an airplane, most people are focused on the service that they receive and the treatment that they might have to deal with in lines or going through security. Most people don’t stop to consider what actions they should be taking to ensure that they have proper airplane etiquette.

Did you know that there was such a thing as airplane etiquette? These are little rules to keep in mind to make it easier for all the people you deal with during travel from security guards to flight attendants.

Most people are pretty aware of the basics, but then there are still those people who make inappropriate jokes, are unhygienic, or do something silly to slow down the lines.

Here are 16 unwritten airplane etiquette rules that you should follow the next time you’re going to be flying.

1. Skipping in Line: Even though the lines can get pretty long, it’s important to stay patient. You might be able to cut it if you’re late for a flight and you get emotional, but this puts the person at security in a difficult position. They can either say no and end up looking like the bad guy or say yes which makes other customers think it’s okay to cut in line.

2. Be Patient with the TSA Agents: Sure, they can get a bit curt sometimes, but it’s only to keep the lines moving! They deal with annoying people all the time. They have to repeat themselves and deal with complaints about having to remove shoes and take laptops out of bags. Just do as they say quickly and efficiently and it will be smooth for everyone.

3. Bin Efficiency: When you’re putting your carry-on into the bins at security, try to contain it to just a handful. You don’t want to be the guy that has 20+ bins which end up clogging the end of the conveyer belt.

4. Luggage Responsibility: If you’re traveling alone, it’s your responsibility to watch your stuff. Never ask a stranger to look after your bag even if it’s just to go to the washroom. Other people traveling don’t have the time to accept the responsibility of your luggage.

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