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The last time you went to the zoo, didn’t you want the lions to be more active? The great cats just lie around happy and well-fed in their captivity, without doing much to impress visitors. Well, in this video one man didn’t settle for just watching the beasts — he wanted to play with them.

No, this isn’t another video of a man climbing into an exhibit and being mauled, it’s one where the cats chase him around from the other side of the enclosure. Getting down on all fours, this man jumps around like an ape and plays with the cats from side to side, to the glee of many onlookers.

The person who uploaded the video, ShareBear, claims the man is her husband and that he makes everything more fun — including a day at the zoo. The younger lions run around with him, pawing at the glass and staring him down, in either an aggressive or playful manner, depending on who you ask.

The strength of the cats is pretty clear. These are young lions that have the ability to pounce and jump from side to side with amazing agility and power. The man would definitely be in trouble if the glass wasn’t there and they were a little more hungry.

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As you can hear the tour guide say at the end of the video, you shouldn’t do this too much with the animals. He explains that it teaches them that humans are prey or at least something that shouldn’t be feared.

Though humans are not regularly hunted by big cats, they can attack if provoked or if they are hungry enough. Teaching them when they’re young to chase humans might not be the safest practice, or one that handlers would want imparted.

The video has over 7.7 million views on Rumble, but please don’t try this at your local zoo. It’s funny when one guy does it and gets them riled up. It’s annoying and dangerous when everyone is tapping the glass and running around like prey.

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