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Plus-Size Blogger Wears A Bikini For The First Time In 25 Years


With summer just around the corner many people are trying to indulge in salads and lay back on the sweets and cupcakes. The advent of ‘crash diets’ has grown exponentially due to this craze. When summer is soon to arrive, many people go on these 2 or 3 week diets hoping to get long lasting results. Despite the fact that many of these fad diets cut out whole macro nutrient groups and thus are very difficult to adhere to. And even if one could stick to the diet for extended stretches, could they keep the weight off over 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?

One way to solve this problem is to approach fat loss via a sustainable, adherable method as opposed to the most ‘optimal’ method.

Or rather, how about loving yourself and learning how to be happy and comfortable in your own skin? Because that’s exactly what Sarah Sapora preaches. 

Sarah Sapora is a 38-year-old woman who resides in Los Angeles, California. She is a plus sized model and her goal is to be the ‘most badass, strong, balanced and joy-filled version of me I can be.’

18299184_168271480366147_1600310724364599296_n Sarah Sapora

Sarah hasn’t worn a bikini since she was 13, which means she hasn’t worn that type of swimwear for over 25 years!

18253230_1207677492687997_2903688811705794560_nSarah Sapora

She started her fitness journey at over 350 pounds and in 2015 when both her parents had to be hospitalized she knew things had to change.

18160985_1086639694773340_1986900704907755520_nSarah Sapora

Sarah said that: ‘I was unable to walk a single city block to get to my mom’s hospital bed without stopping in pain; I knew I had to do something.’

18161050_2477077072524816_1629169017648316416_nSarah Sapora

Rather than getting a liposuction, or plastic surgery or anabolic steroids, she decided to approach her fitness journey from ‘the inside out.’

18095188_402613346791097_3968042885168758784_nSarah Sapora

‘When I treat my body with respect by eating regular meals that are balanced, I feel better physically. When I do an activity, strength train and exercise. I feel more energized and vibrant.’

17934295_152446295285431_3181337874498846720_nSarah Sapora

Learning to love yourself and be comfortable, happy and proud of your own skin is the first step towards any positive and successful transformation.

18011870_1505356269536636_1030366622860181504_nSarah Sapora

Since 2015, she has dropped a whopping 74 pounds but it isn’t the scale that is the source of her pride.


Sarah said that: ‘today, I can conquer six flights of stairs in 54 seconds, leg press more than twice my body weight and am dangerously close to doing unassisted full body push-ups.’

17663493_399178940469539_6829119157372452864_nSarah Sapora

She said that the unhealthy self-image of herself back then prevented her from wearing a bikini. Now, 25 years later, she is comfortable and confident enough to wear a bikini.

17818394_1403310933083181_7024636496866967552_nSarah Sapora

Not because she has dropped all that weight, but because she has come to terms with who she is. She’s also learned to refuse to be judged by others, the scale and the negative perceptions that she used to have of herself.

17882640_677864412397705_194984102124847104_nSarah Sapora

In an interview, Sarah admits that ‘I was held back by my own limiting belief that I was not worthy or comfortable wearing a bikini.’

18011831_1712444619056742_6312836072321581056_nSarah Sapora

Nowadays, she feels like her body ‘is a strong, flawed, beautiful work-in-progress and I choose to celebrate it every step of the journey!’

17882966_249711775436834_1358890234699317248_nSarah Sapora

She highlights a serious point by saying, ‘WE’ are the only people who can decide how we feel and other people don’t have a say on how you feel about yourself unless you let them.

17881355_114306819121184_2510692213130788864_nSarah Sapora

‘If other people are uncomfortable with my body in a bathing suit, that is not a reflection of my worth but of their perception of the value of my body.’

17662839_616703345201780_8323829074153701376_nSarah Sapora

Sarah hopes that her positive image with her own body and self could help inspire and motivate other women (and men) to think positive thoughts about themselves as well. As a great athlete Kai Greene once said: ‘Thoughts Become Things.’

17818589_282019035553648_1826349707782258688_nSarah Sapora


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