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Police Rescue 14-Year-Old Who Had Been Locked Up By Parents Since Birth


The generation gap between kids and parents is something that almost all parents have to deal with. But this is what makes life and parenting so interesting and frustrating. It is this very age gap that creates the physical and mental differences that can fill up each other’s weaknesses. The old, mature and wise parent might be more reluctant to take risks than the reckless, energetic and youthful teen. The teen who is always up for challenges might not have built a keen sense of risk management like his parents have.

But there are rare instances when parents show utter neglect to their children and harm them in more ways than one. Such is the disturbing story that you’re about to read here. 

Read on to learn about a 14-year-old boy who was imprisoned at home for most of his life, as reported by the Independent and other media outlets in the region where the story took place.

Neighbors in the city of Hadera, Tel Aviv, Israel called officials to complain of a stench emanating from a specific home.


Authorities and officials expected to reveal a dead and decaying body but instead, they found a 14-year-old boy who has allegedly been confined in the family home all his life.

INdependentThe Independent

A neighbor named Chiko Waknin said that he saw the boy through a window and he resembled ‘a zombie in a horror film.’


Chiko continued on by saying: ‘I saw his eyes and the way he looked, which said ‘help me.’ So I decided to do something.’

all that is interestingAll That Is Interesting

The child has since been freed and been taken into care. The parents have since been arrested and taken into custody. The boy was found ‘in a severe state of neglect’ after officials broke into the apartment to determine the origin of the ghastly stench.


Investigators determined that the teenager was sometimes kept in a homemade cage outside of the apartment.


The parents, who are both in their 60’s, would keep their child in this makeshift cage made of scrap metal for hours at a time. 

The child has confirmed that he is let out into a nearby courtyard at night only once or twice a month! Authorities believe that his parents, who are believed to have gone to Israel from Russia, moved to Hadera about 8 years ago.

Karnes Legal Service Karnes Legal Service

They did not register the child with the local government nor did they enroll him in any sort of educational system.

daily mirrorDaily Mirror

The couple has denied any abuse directed to their son and claims that their confinement was necessary due to their child’s ‘serious medical problem.’


A lawyer for the mother claims that everything the couple did was an effort to ‘protect the boy who had health problems.’ Authorities determined that the parents did not intend to harm the child and they were let go on probation.

innovation excellenceInnovation Excellence

The young boy is currently being taken care of by social services and is undergoing medical examinations to determine if he has been abused.



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