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Police Respond To Calls Of Crying Dog Trapped Inside Hot Car

It’s common sense that you never leave a child in a vehicle by themselves. Regardless if it’s for 20 min or for an hour. So what makes people think that it’s perfectly fine to leave an animal in a vehicle? That’s the exact question that Officer Morris of Riverside, California Animal Control Unit asked after she got a report of a pet in a vehicle.

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She had been called to a local parking lot after someone noted that there was a pet inside a vehicle. The officer didn’t really know what she would find once she arrived on that hot day. Once she got there, she saw a white Impala that was closed up and heard whimpering coming from the car.

Things were not looking good. Inside the car, she found a pitbull puppy that was around 8-10 weeks old. It was extremely hot out that day and things could have ended poorly. Just imagine yourself sitting in that car on a humid day, wearing a fur coat and boots.

Thank goodness both officer C. Morris and D. Gates got there when they did. Just listening to the officer describe what could have potentially happened brings tears to your eyes. Luckily this story has a happy ending.

It doesn’t take long for a car to heat up on a hot day. According to Liftable, these types of calls happen way too often. You’d think by now people would know how to treat their pets.

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The Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service created a poster that explains the best way to keep your pets safe from the heat. It really shows how quickly things can heat up and how “Just a Minute” might even be too long.

Even if it wasn’t intentional, it doesn’t make this situation okay. The puppy is in a locked car with rising temperatures and has no way to escape. Luckily, the puppy is okay and there are people are getting more and more educated on the dangers of leaving pets in vehicles.


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