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Policeman Stops Man That Looks Like His Dead Son—Then He Sees What’s On The Dashboard


William Jazwinski was driving one morning in April when he saw the flashing lights of a police car behind him. So like the law abiding citizen that he is, he promptly pulled over to the side. William was unsure what traffic violation he had committed but he rolled down the window anyway hoping for a response.

But apparently, he wasn’t pulled over for any violation and the officer just wanted to stop him to say thank you.

Apparently, the officer had seen the military sticker on William’s car and wanted to give him his thanks personally.

William said that the officer saw his military bumper sticker on the back of his truck and the two began talking.


He told the officer that he served in Iraq for 15 months. That’s when the officer opened up and told him his own personal story.


He told William that he had a son who also served in Iraq but unfortunately his son never made it back home.


The officer then noticed the American flag on William’s dashboard and he remarked how he received a similar flag when he was informed of his son’s death. That’s when the officer asked William an unusual question. He asked William for a hug.


William remembers the officer being honest and genuine and wondering if he could get a hug. The officer asked: ‘you remind me of my son. I pulled you over. I thought you were him. I still don’t believe it most days he’s gone.’


William hopped out of his truck and gave the officer the hug he asked for. The two men embraced each other and shed a tear.


William had just come back from a PTSD rehabilitation program and that hug did just as much benefit to him as it did that officer.


Of course, William had to share this heartwarming and inspiring story to his Facebook and since then it has been shared more than 180,000 times!



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