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These ‘Commonly-Known’ Facts Are Actually Just Clever Propaganda


Propaganda is defined as information that is intentionally misleading Or biased.

It is meant to sway or promote a particular cause or point of view. And information is important. It is what constitutes our knowledge, truth, and reality. Without accurate and timely information it is impossible to come up with a coherent and sound worldview.

That is why research and experimentation (on the world as well as on yourself) is vital to uncovering truths and ultimately, the reality. Throughout the time that mainstream media has been around, we (as an audience) have heard of numerous stories and ‘facts’ that we commonly regard as being true.

But in reality, some of these ‘truths’ are actually distorted in order to promote a certain agenda. So we decided to go on Reddit to ask people about popular ‘facts’ that were actually created to serve as propaganda. These so called ‘facts’ were in order to promote a company, shame another corporation or to just raise the popularity or awareness of a particular brand. This type of information is intentionally biased and misleading in order to skew one’s belief and perceptions.


‘Allegedly a woman was burned from a McDonald’s coffee because she spilled it on herself. But apparently, this information was misleading because it was intentionally put out by McDonald’s lawyers to make the woman look worse. It was alleged that the coffee was stored at 200 degrees to cut corners and save money and she suffered 3rd-degree burns to her legs and genitals. From coffee!’ (zibwefuh)


‘As a girl, we are always told that split ends can be dealt with. Ads that promote a new and improved shampoo or conditioner that are supposed to repair those ‘pesky split ends’ are all false! Split ends are irreversible, the only way to get rid of them is to cut them off!’ (forgofamily)


‘Surprisingly, America does not actually run on Dunkin Donuts contrary to its slogan. But you can’t deny a nice glazed donut for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, although I don’t know how healthy that would be.’ (dpfw)


‘SeaWorld regularly pushes the idea that orca whales who live in captivity typically live to 25 to 35 years old which means that they live longer in captivity than in the wild. But this is false since some wild orcas have lived to be over 70 years old!’ (Ace29054)


‘The myth that carrots improve eyesight was actually disseminated by the British in WWII because they had just recently invented the radar and they wanted the Germans to think that their increased accuracy was due to carrots and not advanced technology.’ (Notmiefault)


‘The ‘fact’ that an engagement ring is only good if it’s worth three months of salary is absolutely bonkers. Fisrtly, everyone is paid a different amount so 3 months worth of Salary is arbitrary and secondly, if someone is only going to marry you based on the price tag of a ring then that marriage probably won’t last that long.’ (watchumuhcawlit)


‘In Canada, the dairy industry is heavily protected so growing up I always see ads where they push children to ‘drink milk.’ They always advertise that the consumption of milk is integral to optimizing health and they always push it to children because that way they will spend their whole lives consuming milk.’ (jamescweide)


‘The common myth that heart diseases is caused by saturated fats is actually untrue. In reality, it is high processed sugars such as fructose that is horrible for your health. Turns out big sugar companies fund research and bribe researchers in order to appeal to the general public.’ (meizhong)


‘People generally think that Napoleon was short but in reality, the French and British used different measurements. He was actually of average height but he is often painted in the presence of the Guard who were generally giants.’ (Kquiarsh)


‘During the Gulf War, we were told that Iraqi soldiers would throw babies out of incubators and leave them to die on the floor. In the testimony of Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ, the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, she made this rumor public but it could not be verified. Then Amnesty International debunked this myth by accusing the Bush administration of “opportunistic manipulation of the international human rights movement.”’ (jimreaper)


‘The myth that NASA spent millions to make space pens while Russia was using pencils is all a lie. Russia adopted the use of pens as well since pencils tend to splinter and they become conductive due to the graphite inside.’ (Flandersmcj)


‘Spinach is not actually super high in iron content. In reality, someone misplaced a decimal point when they did the nutrition labels for spinach thus putting the iron content of spinach on par with steak. This was further complicated when Popeye came along.’ (Byebyedinorawrs)

13Daily Mail

‘Bottled water is usually better for you, purer and is safer to drink. Most cities or towns do NOT have boil water advisories but tap water is still not as clean and pure as bottled water. However, it is important to keep in mind that plastic DOES expire.’ (manata)


‘MSG tends to get a bad rap, so any restaurant that employs the use of MSG is avoided and any foods with labels that say NO MSG is quickly consumed. But in reality, MSG is no worse for you than salt.’ (lanbrocalrissian)


‘The adage that organic fruits and veggies don’t have pesticides in them is actually not true. Organic foods don’t have some specific pesticides but it still has trace chemicals that are not natural.’ (TheHelpfulRabbit)


‘A nuclear war will not create an unsurvivable nuclear winter. This idea was promulgated to encourage nuclear disarmament. More recent studies have shown that a nuclear detonation can cause a nuclear winter but only if 10,000 of them are detonated at once.’ (phjosphenes)


‘By now the medicinal properties of cannabis have been publicized but back then (during the time of Reefer Madness) marijuana was largely considered to be a gateway drug. But now medical marijuana has a large range of benefits from helping cure seizures to curing some types of cancer.’ (SSmtb)


‘Viking helmets did not actually have horns on them and they were later added for dramatic effect. It also helped boost Halloween sales since it became something that many people associate with Nordic culture.’ (Lemona1d_Lady)


The whole thing about 3 meals and a big breakfast is false. In fact, having smaller meals and intuitively eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are CLOSE to full is actually much better. But food is addictive and many people binge eat or gorge on food.’ (FireKnightAxel)


‘The former Supreme Commander of North Korea, Kim Jong Il was said to have once gone 38 under par at the Pyongyang Golf Course. But there remains an abundance of ‘facts’ about the former leader that are still floating around the internet.’ (rileymac83)

21The Telegraph

‘The apple a day keeps the doctor away was a ploy used by apple farmers during the time of prohibition. Apples were mainly used for hard cider before the 1910’s and when prohibition was in effect no one was eating apples. So they employed the use of that saying to entice people to buy more apples.’ (dneronique)


‘Saying that the United States never lost a war is actually false. In reality, the US lost one of its very first wars it officially declared as a nation. Bragging about patriotism or the exploits your country had in murdering innocent people is nothing to be proud of.’ (MatasterMatt)


‘The food pyramid. We are told to have plenty of carbs and protein and that fats are bad. But in reality, most people will do just fine having some lean protein such as chicken or fish and an abundance of veggies (preferably in a wide array of colors.)’ (sarcasm_is_love)



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