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These Intimate Situations Are The Most Dangerous For Men


Gentlemen, I know life is hard for you when it comes to matters of the bedroom. I sympathize with you as I’m sure the pressures of satisfying your partner weigh heavy on your brain. 

Did it work? Did you believe me? I was really trying to help you be one with your emotions, rather than shun your feelings like you’ve been told to do. Ladies, if you are reading this (because article titles mean nothing to you) take it easy on them; they are under a lot of stress. 

The following topic may be a bit racy and sensitive for you but bare with me. Here are a few of the most dangerous positions for men during intimacy.

According to a study conducted in 2014 by Brazilian researchers, a few of the most common intimacy positions can actually be life threatening. Who knew?

The study analyzed cases of penile fractures in three emergency units over the span of 13 years and was published in Advances in Urology. 

Sex therapist, Dr.Kat Van Kirk claims that genital fractures are more common than most people think. Did you hear that, guys? There is no need to be embarrassed.

In the study, men anonymously surveyed what position landed a trip to the hospital as a result of bent privates.

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