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Cheating Wife Announces She’s Pregnant And Gets Totally Destroyed On Facebook

Social media is one of the best things that has happened to humankind, and also one of the worst. This woman’s life got pretty much ruined after posting what she thought were happy news on Facebook. However, one of her co-workers decided to take that opportunity to let the world know she is allegedly obsessed with him.


It all started when this woman shared a picture of herself, brimming from ear to ear, holding a pregnancy test with the caption: ‘Happy to announce that there’s going to be a new member of the family. God is GOOD!!

The post gained a nice 54 likes, while people shared in on the happiness with comments like: ‘OMG I’m so happy for you guys!!!’ Everything about it seemed like a normal situation. It was a joyous occasion in this woman’s life and she wanted to share it with her friends and family on facebook.

It was all fine and dandy and people were being very positive and supportive in the comments and why wouldn’t they be? This was a friend of theirs that had exciting news in her life. Things took a surprising turn though when her alleged co-worker wrote a lengthy comment about why he was especially happy about the news.


Apparently he is thrilled by the idea that now that she has a baby on the way, she will hopefully stop with the inappropriate advances. Not only did she cheat on her husband with him, she became something of an obsessive stalker and would not leave her co-worker alone after their alleged trysts which he clarifies was an accident.


Even though the comments before were positive and supportive, the man’s comment ended up getting more likes than the actual post of her holding the pregnancy test! Clearly her Facebook friends and family had a change of heart when they read this story about their friend.

If you think that he just wrote the post and then ran away from the explosion he caused, he did not. He also told Mark–the woman’s boyfriend, where he works in case he wants to talk. We wonder if the husband actually went to go talk to him, it seems like her co-worker covered the story pretty thoroughly. Although it begs the question why didn’t he just let her partner know earlier?


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