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Clues Kylie Jenner Is Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate That Could Mean The Theory Is Actually True

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Those Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors just keep on growing.

With pregnancy rumors running rampant, it’s hard for Kylie Jenner to ditch the spotlight so easily. Although Kylie has still posted on Instagram occasionally, there’s definitely been a noticeable absence that coincides with the actions of a rumored-to-be pregnant Kylie Jenner. When so much of your fan base relies on social media and a very public image, it can definitely make it difficult for someone like the Jenner sister to find some privacy.

Pregnancy rumors began to spread when there was speculation both Kylie and Khloe from KUWTK were pregnant. People noticed the sisters had been acting a little differently, and soon to follow were paparazzi pictures of the two with supposed baby bumps.

Khloe has since confirmed the pregnancy rumors but Kylie hasn’t directly addressed them. Now, with Kim Kardashian (who was also pregnant via surrogate) announcing her surrogate gave birth to her and Kanye’s third child, people began to make the connection between supposedly pregnant Kylie Jenner and Kim’s mysterious surrogate that no one has seen.

Is it just a strange coincidence that the timelines are matching up or is there more to it? Let’s recap all the reasons everyone thinks Kylie is pregnant – and how Kim might be the reason why.

1. Timelines – Is it just a strange coincidence that Kylie Jenner is bombarded with pregnancy rumors around the same time that a Kim Kardashian surrogate is among us? This isn’t just any child by the way, it’s a Kardashian-West, so you know they’re not letting any stranger off the street carry their baby. This only makes Kylie look like a more appealing option. Also, Kim and Kanye announced the birth of their baby girl on January 16, only a few days after Kylie Jenner was rumored to have checked into Cedars-Sinai hospital where all the other Kardashian sisters gave birth.


2. The texts – First, it was executive producer of KUWTK and family friend Ryan Seacrest texting Kris Jenner on Live with Kelly and Ryan to see if he could get a message back confirming the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors. People watching waited with bated breath as those text bubbles from Mama Jenner ended up being a disappointing “Kylie’s not confirming anything.” Which only had people speculating even more as to why the famous Momager wouldn’t just deny the pregnancy rumors outright – what’s with all the secrets? Doesn’t it make sense that the Kardashian-Jenner family would have no reason to be tight-lipped if nothing was going on? Why drag on speculation your 20-year-old daughter is pregnant if she isn’t? Then, rumors went haywire on Twitter when someone shared text messages with their sister who supposedly worked at the hospital where Kylie Jenner was in labor and who was supposedly in close proximity to the reality TV star. Then someone came out “confirming” that Kylie Jenner was naming her baby Storm, or should we say, “Stormie.” None of this has been confirmed.

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3. The crib – Although some people think that Kim Kardashian’s surrogate giving birth confirms it’s not Kylie, there’s also no proof that the surrogate isn’t Kylie and that she didn’t give birth at all. No one has seen the surrogate who gave birth to Kanye and Kim’s baby girl and no one has seen Kylie to prove it wasn’t her either. However, what we did see was this giant crib being delivered to Kylie Jenner’s house a day after the newest Kardashian-West was born. At least three workers were seen constructing the giant crib right outside her home. Kylie, as usual, was nowhere to be seen.

4. The Donuts – Before Kim’s baby was born, Keeping Up With The Kardashians included a clip where Kim complained that the entire family had been sent pink donuts from Kylie except her. Fans took notice that the donuts were pink and wondered if the treats were a gender reveal to the family. Why else would Kylie send donuts to Kourtney, who she knows would never eat them, as opposed to Kim? Theories began to erupt as many speculated that the donuts were a gender reveal that Kim wasn’t included in because she already knew the baby’s gender. Others say it would’ve been unlikely Kylie knew the gender of her baby at the time of filming. Interestingly enough, the episode was titled “Mother’s Keeper.” Anyone clock that the most recent complaint in KUWTK episodes is that Kylie is Kris Jenner’s new favorite? Wonder why…


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