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16 Pregnant Women Costumes For This Year’s Halloween

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Halloween is around the corner and a lot of us like to think ahead about what we’re going to be this year. Some people like to go simple…nothing too crazy. While others like to get pretty creative with their costumes.

For those women who are pregnant around Halloween time, don’t get discouraged with thinking of the best costume. There’s actually a lot of room for creativity with that baby bump. You can even include your family to be a part of your costume.

If you’re pregnant and Halloween is a big deal for you but are not really sure what to dress up as, we got your back. Here are 16 pregnant woman costumes for this year’s Halloween. Some of them are pretty bizarre but creative nonetheless.

1. Having a baby belly is the perfect excuse to dress up like a beer-drinking, beer belly dude. It’s pretty simple and looks amazing!

2. Why not have the daddy-to-be be a part of your pregnant Halloween costume? This couple did the best job with their “bun in the oven” costume.

3. This woman saw her baby bump as a pearl so she decided to make her Halloween costume an underwater gem. Gorgeous!

4. Is Monsters Inc your favorite movie? Why not make it your next Halloween costume. It works perfectly with a baby belly.

5. This couple decided to turn their baby bump into the best possible bird’s nest. It actually looks pretty realistic, don’t you think?

6. If you don’t really care to show off your baby bump or aren’t ready to show people just yet, this woman has the perfect solution for that.

7. Want to be Octo-mom for Halloween but don’t actually have kids yet? Well, this woman figured out the perfect solution for you!

8. For all those pregnant women who are huge star wars fans or maybe it’s their partners that are the fans. Regardless, Here’s an idea for you. May the force be with you.

9. Dr. Seuss would be proud of this mama-to-be. This is taking a pretty common costume and making it your own. It’s pretty easy to make as well!

10. Is Miley Cyrus your favorite singer? Do you love her song “Wrecking Ball”? Are you pregnant and want to figure out how to incorporate all of these things into a costume? Here you go.

11. Turning that baby bump into a magic 8 ball is pretty easy and fun. But be prepared for family and friends to use that as an excuse to rub your belly throughout the night.

12. Why not bring a pumpkin patch to life and turn that baby bump into a perfectly round pumpkin!

13. If you’re a huge basketball fan and aren’t able to fit into a “cute” basketball Halloween costume, this might be the perfect solution for you! It looks so real.

14. This costume will just put a smile on people’s face. It’s the best way to match your baby bump and make the entire pregnancy look absolutely adorable. Try it out!

15. Why not make your pregnant belly the center of the universe this Halloween? This costume looks like it gives a lot of room for creativity and looks pretty fun to make!

16. Not only is this a really cute outfit to wear for a Halloween costume but turning your baby bump into a crystal ball just adds the perfect touch to the outfit.


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