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24 Pregnant Women Who Have Already Won Halloween


Basically, everyone’s favorite holiday is coming up at the end of this month. I know, I know. Christmas is really up there too but there are just some things you get with Halloween that you can’t find anywhere else. You get to dress up, ask people to give you free stuff, and host parties that tend to bring the best costumes to your front door.

But, you know who’s really good at dressing up? DIYers. Now, I’ll admit right now that I’m far too lazy to actually make my own costume (I mean, most years I’m too lazy to buy my own costume) but these people here went the distance and made themselves some great getups. Oh, the kicker? (Get it?) These Halloween lovers are pregnant. It’s pretty much the perfect system if you think about it. They basically have free reign to dress their children however they like and the best part about it is they can’t complain yet.

But we found some great costumes from mamas to be who went all out with their Halloween costumes. Some of these are way more creative than I’ll ever be.

1. This woman here is pretty much my dream come true. She disguised her baby bump as a gumball machine, adding dozens of pom pop balls to emulate the gum. Actually… I take back what I said. This would only be my dream come true if the gum was free.


2. Couples costumes always have the potential to be the coolest things you ever see or the cutest. These two were no exception. Donning the role of Winnie the Pooh, this gal and her partner dressed like the famous duo of Winnie and Christopher Robin. The best thing about this costume is that she dressed up her bump like Winnie’s well-known tummy after he demolishes a bunch of honey.


3. One of my favorite movies come to life in this one here. Juno and Bleeker are together once more in a costume that commemorates what is essentially one of the best films ever. Not to mention, kudos to them for emulating the poster as well (and for the husband agreeing to wear shorts like that in the colder months).


4. Who doesn’t remember Mario having to avoid the Chain Chomp lest he gets bitten? Though, I always had a love/hate relationship with Chomp given that I would use him to steal stars in Mario Party 5. He’s only good if he’s on your side. At least this woman has it chained up.

5. Ten points for creativity. This woman welcomed back a classic movie by dressing up like E.T. and Elliot both on their magical bike ride through the sky. We were all transported back to 1982 with this costume and I commend this woman for sneaking in two characters for the price of one.


6. I’m going to try my hardest to avoid the adorable little dog at this woman’s feet who so clearly wants attention. *inhales deeply and tries to look away* This woman here dressed up her bump as a kangaroo’s joey, which is not only adorable but also very accurate. Okay. Now, who’s a good boy?!


7. Remember when the video for “Wrecking Ball” came out? Not only did it leave a lot of us confused but it also encouraged countless spoofs from comedians and late night talk show hosts. Well, we’re taking a trip back to that time with this costume. I also like that the Barbie is wearing some clothing (for decency’s sake, I suppose).

8. Well, this avocado looks pretty ripe to me. This mommy-to-be took full advantage of her growing tummy to replicate an avocado. These are the kinds of costumes that put a smile on my face for their simplicity but also for being something I probably wouldn’t have thought of.


9. It looks like someone is just about ready to come out. At least we can appreciate the mother for not only allowing her child to so rudely bust out of its home but also grace it with a little pumpkin bucket for candy. This kid is ready for some trick-or-treating.

10. Two pregnant women in the office equal two chances to make an awesome costume, which is exactly what this office did. The rest of the workers dressed up like red plastic cups and the baby bumps were ping pong balls ready for a game of beer pong. Pretty epic if you ask me.

11. Oh, yeah! You know, it’s only after we become adults that we realize just how intrusive the Kool-Aid man actually was. Breaking into people’s homes, first of all, but not even being discreet about it? Now I have to pay to fix this giant hole in my house? Oh, no.

12. In another blast from the past, this woman transported us back to the 50s. Back when women had frilly aprons and wore skirts 24/7 and assumed the role of housewife. Well, those days may finally be over but the aesthetic of a 50’s housewife wasn’t lost on this mom.

13. This is one sure fire way to assure that Wilson doesn’t get away. We were all devastated when Wilson floated away with that smile on his face. And for what, hmm? A raft? A potential craft to carry him back to safety? Pssh. That’s no excuse. Nah, this Wilson is staying put.

14. Here’s one I haven’t seen before. This adorable couple’s costume assumes the role of farmer and cow, with this mommy-to-be using her baby bump as the udders. Usually calling your wife a cow on any other occasion will land you in the dog house but I think it’s okay if she does it herself…

15. Say hello to Mike Wazowski, everyone. For those of you who may not have seen it, Mike was the monster sidekick and best friend to a Mr. James P. Sullivan (otherwise known as Sully). You know, the big blue guy. In fact, the only thing that would have made this costume better is if her partner dressed up like Sully.

16. Well, you know, I thought this one was cute until I noticed that the horn protruding from this woman’s stomach looked just a little too painful for my liking. Brownie points to this mommy-to-be for the accuracy of ever having to birth a half human, half unicorn baby, though.  

17. Here we have another woman who wasn’t afraid to go all out with her costume and the accuracy of said scenario. I mean, if you want me to be entirely honest, this is pretty much how I popped out of the womb so shout-out to my mom and her tolerance.

18. Here we see that this mommy disguised her baby bump as a mummy and the similarity in the title wasn’t lost on me. The giant mummy head poking through its bandages is a simple enough concept, sure, but it’s definitely still cute in announcing that there is indeed a baby under there.

19. There are some people who just can’t wait for Christmas (myself being one of those people). This woman dressed up her baby bump as a snowman’s ball and went as one for Halloween. Or, maybe she’s just dressing up as the malls who put their Christmas decorations out during Halloween….

20. The adorableness that is Rey and BB-8 is back with this woman who cleverly dressed her bump as the cutie robot we all fell in love with. Not only is her Rey costume on point but I can only imagine how long it took to paint that BB-8 on her tummy.

21. At least this woman isn’t beating around the bush. And hey. Why not be awarded a sash and a crown for conceiving a child? There’s no reason why they should be left out of all the fun that comes with beauty pageants (and left out of all the horrors that also come with it).

22. Sometimes it’s the little details that can totally make a costume great. In this case, the painted on aquarium tummy would have gotten the message across but what really sealed the deal was the use of plastic wrap to emulate the water. This whole thing is a 10/10.

23. Once again, I am floored by the women who take the time to craft these elaborate costumes. This woman turned her belly into the precious pearl it is while crafting a clamshell around the bump. She also wore a killer outfit outside of her baby’s so she’s winning Halloween.

24. Okay. I lied. This mother may have won Halloween. (Though, I suppose they could have won in different years.) This mom dressed up like a skeleton while providing people with a sneak peek into what her baby girl would look like as a skeleton. Awesome costume complete with a little pink bow.



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