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Preserved Body Of Child Found In Buried Glass Coffin Identified


In May of last year, construction workers made a startling discovery when they came across a small metal casket underneath a San Francisco home containing a 19th-century girl.

The young girl’s body was perfectly preserved within the casket and non-profit organization, Garden of Innocence, has been spending the last year trying to identify her.

After extensive investigating, Garden of Innocence was able to determine that the child was named Edith Howard Cook and died just six weeks before her third birthday on October 13th, 1876.

The construction site was formerly the Odd Fellows Cemetery, but the workers did not anticipate unearthing a body as it was believed that the bodies were all moved to Colma in the 1920s.

For whatever reason, Edith’s remains were left behind, and the mystery of who she was and why her casket was never moved stumped locals and researchers alike.

While the body prompted more questions than answers, considering how perfectly preserved it was, some clues were able to give Garden of Innocence a better idea of who Edith was.

According to the Garden of Innocence report, Edith was found wearing a white christening dress with ankle-high boots and purple flowers woven into her hair. The burial, including roses and eucalyptus leaves placed inside of the coffin, showed the girl came from a well-off family.


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