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This Previously Extinct Venomous Snake has Just Been Rediscovered


There have been many vicious prehistoric predators in our past. Animals such as the hell pig, the T-rex or the short-nosed bear would almost surely ascend to the top of the food chain if they were still alive today. However, luckily for us, they no longer exist and we can exist ‘triumphantly’ at the top. But evolution has shown that the modern human still has innate fears of predators through the extreme fright that is often depicted when someone encounters a giant spider or a slithering snake.

But what if there was an ‘extinct’ snake that was discovered to still be alive?

Read on to find out more on this reptile.

The Albany adder has long been thought of as extinct since scientists have not found it in almost a decade…until now.

01-albany-adder.adNatioapt.885.1National Geographic

This animal is a small but venomous snake hailing from South Africa. It has a patterned body, pointy eyebrows, and a forked tongue.

03-albany-adder.adapt.885.1National Geographic

It wasn’t until recently that four living Albany adders were found. A team of herpetologists (which is a branch of zoology that specializes in reptiles and amphibians) encountered the snakes during a week of searching.


The team was elated to have made the discovery and a team member was heard saying: ‘we were literally jumping up and down hugging.’


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