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Prince Harry Reveals An Emotional Sacrifice He Made After Prince William Proposed To Kate Middleton

It has been 20 years since the tragic passing of Princess Diana who died in a car crash. Now her two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, are starting families of their own. Prince William married the now Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton in 2010 and has two children with her – Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, is reportedly almost ready to propose to his girlfriend, Megan Markle. After Princess Diana’s death, Prince Harry chose to keep his mother’s engagement ring, while Prince William chose to keep his mother’s Cartier watch. However, when he finally does propose, Prince Harry will not be able to offer Markle his mother’s beautiful sapphire engagement ring.

Though Prince William already has his mother’s watch, his brother chose to give him his mother’s ring when he decided to propose to Kate Middleton. It was indeed a sacrifice for Prince Harry to part with his mother’s heirloom but the decision was based on a pact made between the two brothers years ago.

A source told the Daily Star that the two Princes had an agreement that whoever got engaged first could have Diana’s ring. 

Since that happened to be Prince William, the ring was his to give to Duchess Kate. 

It was definitely a moving and emotional sacrifice for Prince Harry, but it appears that Prince Harry has a workaround plan.

The forthcoming ring will combine the traditions and memories of the past while allowing Prince Harry to celebrate his future.

The idea is that when Prince Harry proposes to Meghan Markle, he will create a custom ring designed just for her. The new ring will feature jewels from his mother’s collection. According to the royal insider, the ring will definitely contain emeralds. 

The insider claims that Prince Harry is aware of how much Meghan Markle loves emeralds and so he has chosen an emerald and diamond piece from his mother’s collection to craft into a ring. 

Princess Diana was first seen in that piece as a tiara and a choker when she and Prince Charles toured Australia in 1988. It is unclear if the piece belonged to Diana or whether it was part of the Royal jewelry collection.  

If it is part of the Royal jewelry collection, here’s hoping that the queen will make an exception and consent to Prince William using the jewels. 


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