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Prince Harry Pays Special Hospital Visit To Terminally Ill Boy


Despite being royalty and keeping busy, Prince Harry still makes the time to visit his special friend in the hospital. Prince Harry met his young friend last year at a charity gala for ill children.

A year later, Prince Harry came to the hospital where his friend is staying in order to pay him a visit and see how he’s doing as well as spend some time with his younger sister.

The siblings share the same illness known as Batten disease, a fatal neurodegenerative disorder that leaves patients blind and immobile. They also suffer from dementia.

Prince Harry spent some time with 6-year-old Ollie and his sister Amelia, who both suffer from the disease. He really is Diana’s son!

Harry first met Ollie last year at the WellChild Awards gala. The young boy had just lost the ability to stand on his own.

With the help of his mother, he stood up to give the Prince a hug. You can see the look of wonder in his eyes.

The annual charity is held in order to recognize the bravery of children, their caregivers, and the youth who assist them.

Ollie’s parents wrote a letter to Harry thanking him for giving their son the strength to stand up when they thought that was no longer possible.

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