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Prince Harry’s Response To Little Kid Stealing His Popcorn Is Perfect

Prince Harry has been in Toronto to support the Invictus Games, a Paralympic-style athletic competition for soldiers who have been wounded during their tours.

On Wednesday, he sat next to Hayley Henson, wife to David Henson, a competitor in sitting volleyball. David lost both of his legs in February of 2011. On Hayley’s lap was daughter Emily, who was caught on camera as she was in pursuit of Prince Harry’s popcorn.

Harry was talking to someone next to him, eyes off his food. The sneaky little girl reached into his box of popcorn and helped herself to several servings. That is until Harry caught on. After he noticed Emily about to poke her hand in once more, he playfully moved the box out of reach. Hayley looked on as the two continued to goof off.

As the games wore on Harry plucked some popcorn out of his box and offered it to Emily before popping it into his own mouth. Little Emily waited patiently the second time as Harry offered her another piece before popping that one into his mouth. The third time, Emily was finally granted her popcorn, only hesitating for a moment before grabbing it from his hand.

Harry shared a laugh with Hayley when Emily grabbed the piece from his hand.

After her husband, David, had suffered his injury, he spent five weeks in the hospital and was walking at full weight after 14 weeks. Once he began healing, it didn’t take long before David got his pair of running blades and took up other sports on top of volleyball. He’s won medals for track, volleyball, and swimming.

On his website, he was quoted as saying, “I am constantly being reminded what I used to be able to do with my legs and where my limitations are now, and I’m trying to narrow that gap.”

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