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Prince Harry Will Not Have William as ‘Best Man’ at Wedding

Everyone adores the royal family and now with word that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to get married in May of 2018, many people are wondering whether or not Prince Harry will have his brother as his best man. Despite some reports indicating that Prince Harry will return the favor that his brother extended to him back in 2011, some royal etiquette experts say that Prince Harry will not have Prince William as his best man at his wedding.

The royal couple is set to get married in May at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, which is said to be one of the Queen’s favorite venues.

The royal wedding is set to occur a month after Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby is due in April of 2018.

While Prince William broke British tradition and had his brother, Harry, as his ‘best man’ at his wedding with Kate, some experts say that Harry will not be doing the same.

Prince Harry Best ManThe Sun

The idea of a ‘Best Man’ is not generally a part of British custom so when William married Kate, he broke a tradition in order to extend that formality to his brother.

Prince Harry Best ManMirror

A royalty expert by the name of Marlene Koenig said: ‘the best man or best men are officially called supporters. William will probably be Harry’s supporter.’

Prince Harry Best ManThe Sun

So while William might not be given the title of ‘Best Man’ at his younger brother’s wedding, he will most definitely still be fulfilling the role of ‘Best Man’ albeit with a more traditional title.

Prince Harry Best ManE! Online

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