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Prince Harry’s Love Interest Meghan Markle Has Been Accepted By The Royal Family


In our childhoods, we commonly see and listen to fairy tales that involve princes and princesses. In more antiquated times, a member of royalty was thought to be a direct descendant of God and thus the rightful ruler and leader of the people. But nowadays, the remaining royal families are more nominal in status and don’t wield as much power. However, most royal families still own acres upon acres of land, in addition to being the literal face of money.

This leads to many young boys and girls fantasizing about being kings and queens one day and hopefully looking as good as some of the modern-day princes and princesses.

Read on to find out more on Prince Harry and his girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

The British royal family, headed by Queen Elizabeth, has nicknamed themselves The Firm. (Although mere mortals would usually be called ‘corny’ for nicknaming themselves, royalty, however, tends to get a free pass on things such as these.)

15258753_1651035228522801_6391121351758839808_nMeghan Markle

This is in no small part due to the stringent measures that guests must go through in order to enter into the living quarters of the royal family known as the Kensington Palace.

15337104_1815071758763922_3308424526563377152_nMeghan Markle

Most visitors require two pieces of identification as well as a written invitation in order to enter into the royal abode. This is largely due to the fact that members such as Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince Harry live there.

14701264_344643872554615_9031508198405701632_nMeghan Markle

But for one special lady, she ‘is waved right through’ without any sort of ID check or pat down. In fact, there are direct orders from the prince himself stating that she is to be treated like any other resident.

14733484_852178921551361_2791586364234137600_nMeghan Markle

She is so close to the royal family (even more so with Prince Harry) that she has personal contacts with his most trusted aides.

14677370_1793260104250102_2609047123122978816_nMeghan Markle

Her name is Meghan Markle and she regularly corresponds with Prince Harry’s communications and private secretary in regards to the royal protocol.

14726230_269819313419413_1767920474471268352_nMeghan Markle

Meghan Markle is Prince Harry’s girlfriend. Reports from some of Harry’s closest friends have indicated that he is soon to propose to his longtime partner.

14718411_1446212085392888_927049780100595712_n Meghan Markle

According to an insider of the royal family, ‘everything is still as exciting as the first day they met, and they talk about the future all the time.’

14582232_317285308651929_2320800847002337280_nMeghan Markle

She’s even been introduced to the rest of the family. William and Kate have given the Toronto-based actress tips on how to acclimate to the ‘royal spotlight.’

14709686_257392864662727_2137394868605943808_nMeghan Markle

But who is Meghan Markle? Meghan is a biracial actress. Her mother is an African American clinical therapist and her father is a Caucasian lighting director.

14547715_1108662142548365_1638117289951756288_nMeghan Markle

Meghan was on television sets starting at a very young age albeit behind the screen. She would go to work with her dad who was, for 10 years, the lighting director for Married With Children.

14712279_322652914761234_6344434404416290816_nMeghan Markle

She also graduated from Northwestern University with a double major in theater and international studies.

14374415_1781281588813222_747384615139803136_nMeghan Markle

Before her acting career took off in Suits, she was a calligraphist (someone who has exceptional handwriting.) She did the handwritten work for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding invitations.

14478355_176960702744061_3794464161312800768_nMeghan Markle

As mentioned earlier, her career took off with her role as Rachel Zane in Suits but she has also made appearances in movies such as Get Him To The Greek and Horrible Bosses.

14499040_577080199159261_4793358337569718272_nMeghan Markle

She is also the global ambassador for World Vision Canada, visited Rwanda for the clean water campaign and also worked with United Nations Women for gender equality.

14499114_1195628307169004_374690468706910208_nMeghan Markle

And as for Harry, a source close to him has mentioned that ‘this is a love he’s never felt before.’ ‘He’s met someone who understands him on a deeper level and they just connect.’

14533467_188441704898371_5475363916852756480_nMeghan Markle


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