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Prince William And Harry Have A Sister No One Knows About

From an early age, Prince William and Harry have been no strangers to the spotlight. Growing up under the wings of Princess Diana, the two were exposed to the media often and early, and still are to this day. While they’ve remained prominent figures of the Royal Family, there is a sibling that the public has yet to learn of. Prince William and Harry have a sister that no one knows about.

Meet Laura Lopes, who happens to be the half-sister of William and Harry, related by marriage through Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. With the Royal Wedding on the horizon, speculation over wedding invitations ensued, and we are now learning about the extended family that we had yet to find out about.

According to The Mirror, Laura, 40, leads a private life. Growing up, she attended a Catholic girl boarding school in Dorset, before studying art history and marketing at Oxford Brookes University. Laura then dove into the art world, initially managing The Space Gallery in London, and then moving on to co-founding London’s Eleven Gallery, where she was the director.

Though she was kept out of the public eye by Camilla, she had made an appearance that many didn’t even notice. Laura attended the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and her daughter, Eliza, was actually a bridesmaid. Although the upcoming wedding guest list has yet to be confirmed, it is believed that Laura will attend with her family.

In 2006, Laura married Harry Lopes, a chartered accountant in Wiltshire, who had also previously been an underwear model for Calvin Klein, The Mirror reports. Together, they have three young children. Furthermore, she has a brother named Tom Parker Bowles, who happens to also be Prince William and Harry’s step-brother, and is an award-winning food writer, food critic, and broadcaster.

Though she hasn’t been front and center in the media, it’s likely that Laura and her family will be recognized this time around if in attendance at the Royal Wedding. Of the 600 invitees, there’s a good chance they will be there, as Prince William and Kate made the trip from thousands of miles away to be there for Laura’s wedding, as well as Prince Harry who jetted back from Cape Town, The Sun reports.

With the world now aware of the step-siblings in the Royal Family, we can expect to see more of Laura Lopes and her family in the near future. The more, the merrier!

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