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Prince William Breaks Royal Protocol To Hug Grieving Victim Of Deadly London Fire


Royal protocol has historically enforced that physical engagement with a royal family member can only be done so with a handshake. Prince William recently broke this protocol after he was photographed hugging a grieving victim of the horrific London Fire, which as of today has a death toll of over 75 people.

Prince William was seen embracing an emotional woman who had been unable to locate her husband after the inferno. Her husband had been trapped inside an elevator in the building at the time of the fire.

The embrace came during an emotional visit to meet with families, victims and rescue workers by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William.

The Grenfell Tower tragedy has a death toll of over 75 people so far. This number continues to rise as rescue workers dig through the remains of the building.

The image of Prince William hugging a heartbroken woman as she sobs into his arms mirrors how most of England’s citizens are feeling at the moment.

The woman in question is Fatima Jafari, a 78-year-old woman who has been unable to find her husband, 82-year-old Ali Yawra Jafari.

The embrace shows a compassionate Prince William disregarding typical royal protocol in the face of devastation and heartbreak.

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