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16 Confident Girls That Prove That Profile Pics Should Not Always Be Trusted

9gag @Tomasrdz3

We shouldn’t trust profile pictures. I mean, they may look completely different from how the person actually looks. But you want to make sure it’s perfect! Think about it. It’s the first thing that your friends see, your crush sees, your potential employer sees. There’s a lot of pressure on it.

But it’s important for people to realize that social media shows you things that aren’t necessarily reality. That certainly goes for profile pictures. Most of them are seriously filtered, photoshopped or simply taken at the best possible angle. We really need a reality check.

Well here are 16 girls who have an amazing sense of humor and are confident about how they look that will show you that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Their confidence is showing us that profile pics should not always be trusted. Take a look at these photos and see for yourself!

1. This girl looks beautiful in both of these photos but is still showing that profile pics should not be trusted. It’s all about the angle of the photo. You can make someone believe your body is shaped one way when in reality it’s shaped a completely different way. This is a great reality check for those who are insecure about their bodies.

2. There are two types of photos: one where hair and makeup are done and another where you are makeup free and dressed casually. This girl rocks both looks but still gives us the message that profile pics should not be trusted. Makeup does wonders in changing the way your face looks, so if you are feeling insecure about yourself when looking at people’s photos, just remember that!

3. Learning how to take the perfect photo takes practice. Getting that perfect smile takes time and patience. This girl shows that you can’t trust profile pictures. She took a photo where she shows the perfect smile and another photo that you would only send to your best friend.

4. These two photos are only a few second apart, but shows how you can go from being sexy to goofy real quick. People, you can’t trust the profile pics where the person is overly posing. Remember, they probably don’t walk around looking like that on a regular basis. There’s nothing wrong with being silly and funny! This girl looks just as a great in both of these photos.

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