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These Canadian Twins Look Exactly Like A Younger Version Of The Property Brothers

Niko and Marko Martinovic are twins from Ontario, Canada and they look remarkably like the Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott. The identical twins took a picture with the two hosts at an event that the Property Brothers were hosting at a decorating store in Toronto, Canada.

After four years, Niko and Marko decided to finally post the picture online after entreats from their co-workers. They were constantly being told by their friends, “You should put it up on Reddit and see what they think.” Since the photo was uploaded on Monday it has received 6,000 upvotes by Redditors.   

In an interview, Marko jokes, “I’ve asked my father many times, ‘You have a lot of explaining to do.’” Marko adds that during the 2014 event where they met the famous brothers, people kept walking up to him and his brother thinking that they were the Property Brothers. However, they would add, “I thought you guys were a bit taller”, to which the twins would respond, “It’s just the camera angles.”

The Martinovics then decided it was time that they approached the Property Brothers to ask for a photo and see their reactions. Marco states that Drew and Jonathan’s manager “was going crazy because she couldn’t believe how similar we look.” After meeting the famous twins, Niko and Marko decided who’s who out of the pair.

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