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Watch As This Cute Dog Does A Little Doggy Dance After Being Sold

If you are looking for a way to cheer up after an especially bad day at work, look no further. I dare anyone to watch this video and not crack up, especially when accompanied by the music. YouTuber Callum Lenton uploaded a video of a happy puppy at a pet store and it deserves all the attention in the world.

The pup, enclosed in one of the stores glass cages is dancing happily with a sign that reads “I AM SOLD”. He’s obviously very excited to finally be heading home with someone. He paws at the glass and shimmies his hips back and forth like he has been waiting his whole life for this moment (he probably has).


Possibly a shih tzu, the small dog has the most adorable face as it happily moves around. His little steps fit perfectly to the music that has been added, “KK Ska” from the popular Nintendo game Animal Crossing.

Many people originally jumped on the video with negative comments about puppy mills, as a large number of pet stores across the country get their animals from breeders with improper care or space. Mills can be breeding grounds for disease and animal cruelty, something that police forces and animal rights groups are trying to prevent.

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