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20+ Funny And Cute Dog Snapchats That Will Make Your Day

Anyone who’s ever lived with a dog knows that they’re basically the only good thing in this wretched world (cats and lizards excluded). They’re loving goofy, kind, beautiful and, yes, sometimes endearingly stupid. And all of those qualities (especially the last one) make them prime Snapchat subjects.

We collected snaps from around the internet to serve as a testament to dogs’ onscreen versatility.

From funny filters to downcast darlings, these 24 puppy snapchats will melt even the most wintery of hearts!

“Yes, I’m still mad that we got the dog, even though he’s the most precious creature I’ve ever seen. I’m not swayed by his cute button eyes, or his dainty little paws, or the way he licks my hand to greet me when I’m home, or the way he falls asleep next to me, face all scrunched up like he’s … wait a second, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah, I’m still mad.”

Laugh if you like, but this is basically an early version of the raincoat, as invented by someone without opposable thumbs. And this dog’s not only smart, he’s kinda stylish. The elegant brown cloak, with the blue trim, draped out behind him? Gorgeous. Wow. 10/10. I love it.


I feel like this dog is about to start judging my shoes, my jewelry, my hair, the way I store my clothes and most of my life decisions. And honestly? I wouldn’t mind even a little bit. Not as long as she kept looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and maybe let me scratch her under her chin every once and a while.

“Human? Human? Why are you going into the small, damp room on your own? Will you need backup? Do you need a friend? Do you … wait, why are you closing the door on me? Oh no, whatever’s in there must be so terrible you don’t want me to face it! You’re the bravest human alive!”

As an older sibling, who has fought many pitched battles for the front seat in my day, I can tell you two things about this image. First of all, the dog being sat on is definitely the older sibling in this scenario. Second of all, this isn’t a debate, it’s a massacre. Godspeed, you brave soldier.

No offence but. Oh my god. Oh my god. Ohhhhhhhhh my god. OH MY GOD. (oh my god oh my god oh my god).
1. Oh my god
2. Oh my god
3. OH my GOD
(but seriously, this photo singlehandedly restored my faith in God, the world, and the entire concept of existing. Thanks, lil buddy)


Why does this dog look like she’s on Tinder, with a profile like: “Kelly. 25. Free spirit, forever young at heart. I love Disney movies, 90’s nostalgia, and going on adventures! Message me back if you want to be the Peter Pan to my Tinkerbell <3 <3 <3!”

Alternative caption: when u go off to college and you’re drinking for the first time, and your friends are there for u and support u even when u can’t hold your $2 coolers (let’s be real, though, the original caption is probably more accurate).

Documentary voice: “The fearsome Doggosaurus Rex roamed the landscape millions of years ago, hunting for defenseless prey like tennis balls and milk bones. But its real quarry was humans, who it hunted down in search of pa – hey, what are you doing? I’m trying to film a documentary here … okay, fine, I’ll give you a belly-rub.”

These two dogs look like the heroines of a tragic WWI movie where both of their husbands have died in the trenches and they have to comfort each other while making a better life for themselves. And, from the dogs’ perspective, that’s basically what’s happening.

This one was captioned with “My mom likes to send me snapchats from my dog while I’m away at college,” and looks to be a picture of one of the most mournful-looking dogs that I’ve ever seen. All I’ve got to say is: well played, unknown mom, well-played.

This is another mom, who apparently also likes sending her child Snapchats of their dog while they’re away pursuing higher education. I see this mom is going for the subtle “see how much trouble your child is getting into while you’re away” approach.

Tinder Profile: “Brenda (32). Likes good wine, good books, and good company. Master’s in English Lit, always down to talk about Shakespeare. Message me if you’re totally over “chill” Netflix and pizza dates.”

Puppy Snapchat: UniqueR33Username

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a moving story in less than ten words and penned the classic “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.” While this is slightly longer than six words, it’s still under ten, and arguably just as tragic and dramatic.

Oh, come on, that’s not a dog. It’s gotta be … a furry pretzel, maybe? a fluffy slinkie, perhaps? a Cirque De Soleil performer forced to live as a dog until true love’s kiss returns them to their human form? I dunno, but, whatever it is, there’s no way that’s just an ordinary dog!

Look, I know this one isn’t funny, but just look at the love and wisdom in this dog’s big eyes. They look like they’ve just heard your entire life’s story and are about to pat you on the back and tell you that you’re doing just fine and you’ll be able to make it through all your current problems. God, I’m emotional now.

Oh, now that’s a dog who knows what she wants. A classic, beautiful smile, but not like she’s trying too hard: a perfect model shot. This girl wants to be seen and onscreen, and with her talent and her natural good looks, I believe she’s going to go far!


Some people love their friends enough to send them Snapchat messages telling them how much their pets are missing them when they’re away. On the other hand, some people are like this person:

On the one hand, this person found only half of a ten dollar bill. On the other hand, this person is in possession of two whole, entire dogs. I mean, I may be biased from the bottom of my dog-loving soul, but I think the math on that one works out to make them the winner.

“This week on Toy ER: Mr. Tweety Bird has received a life-threatening injury, and only the hospital’s best surgeon is up to the task. The clock is ticking!”

These are the Guardians of the Door. They speak in riddles. One tells only the truth, while the other tells only lies. Choose wisely.

Yes, how did you know, it IS you I’m looking for, you beautiful, floppy-eared angel? (Backstory on this one:  it was posted by a mom who sent the Snapchat to her daughter at university. Some things are just completely universal.)

Tinder Profile: “Becca, 26. Me and my amazing boyfriend (39) are looking for a third party for ~*adventures*~! Must be: 420 positive, beard positive, and POSITIVELY enthused about craft beer and polyamory!”

Not to be dramatic, but this is the best dog and I would absolutely die for them.

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