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Watch As This Python Slowly Eats An Alligator

If you get grossed out easily or are generally just a squirmy type of person, this video will probably freak you out. The video, which is actually time lapsed in speed by six times, shows a gigantic python eating an alligator whole. The video starts with the python holding the alligator in its coils in what almost looks like a loving embrace, but it slowly starts to devour the unsuspecting alligator, swallowing it whole.

Pythons are nonvenomous snakes typically found in Africa, Asia and Australia. They are some of the largest snakes in the world and, contrary to popular belief, these snakes are nonvenomous.


First, when a python kills its prey, the prey becomes completely crushed with the python’s coils.  The python viciously wraps its coils around its prey and kills it by constriction, which stops the blood flow and oxygen from reaching vital organs like the brain or the heart.  This is what we see this python do in the video before it actually eats the alligator.

Pythons are ambush predators, also known as sit-and-wait predators. This means that they attack their prey while remaining still and camouflaged, and are unlikely to attack human beings.

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