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Rabbit Hole Leads To System Of Caves That Were Used By The Knights Templar! thevintagenews

Movies like Indiana Jones or Alice in Wonderland always have made us dream of going on an adventure and find a secret world that’s totally different from anything that we’ve seen. But sadly, it rarely ever happens.

As a kid watching fantasy movies you would find yourself pretending to walk through a forest and find your own “fantasy world.” As you get older, just going on vacation to a place you’ve never been would do the trick.

But imagine owning a piece of land. You’re walking around and suddenly you come across a rabbit hole. The kid in you tells you to go and explore it, and surprisingly to you, a network of century old caves is discovered.

Believe it or not, that is exactly what happened to a farmer, who discovered a number of caves near Shifnal in Shropshire, England.

He discovered the Caynton Caves down a rabbit hole. According to reports, the caves were used by followers of the Knights Templar in the 17th century.


The caves are located less than a meter underground and they look like they were built for a new Indiana Jones movie.

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Vintage News reports that there are those that believe the caves were built in the 18th/19th century and look more like a “grotto”

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