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Rachel And Ross’ Baby Daughter Emma From Friends Is All Grown Up Now, Photos Of What ‘They’ Look Like Today


Oh, the good old days when people use to actually turn their TV’s on and wait for a new episode to air. Or better yet, when you would wait for your favorite episode to re-run. Remember the shows you use to watch years ago during your childhood or adolescence? Have you ever thought of how old you are in comparison to when you first started watching a 90’s or early 2000’s sitcom?

How about how old you are now that actors who played babies are practically adults themselves? Since you have probably thought of these questions on your own, this article won’t be too mind-blowing or might just be anyway.

Friends, which originally aired in 1994 and until 2004, is considered one of the most adored sitcoms in history. The show followed the lives of 6, 20-30 something-year-olds in New York through the hardships of finding oneself as an adult and friendship.

Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross became our friends as we watched their lives unfold on the screen every Thursday night or binged-watched all these years later.


Who could forget the most loved on-again, off-again TV romance between Rachel and Ross? Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, was Monica’s fashionista roommate and best friend since childhood.


Ross Geller is Monica’s sweet and sometimes socially awkward older brother. The paleontologist who never quite seems to get the relationship thing right.

Rachel Green and Ross Geller end up having a daughter named Emma in the final season of the sitcom and you wouldn’t believe how much she’s grown.  

“Emma Geller-Green” was played by twin babies (like Michelle Tanner in Full House, played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.)

It’s common that baby and child actors are doubled or cast as twins to avoid an infringement on child labor laws in the United States.

Here’s another blast to the past: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are now 30 and have become a dynamic duo in the fashion industry and are ranked among Hollywood’s wealthiest women.

To viewers, Emma may have been the final element in Rachel and Ross’ relationship carried on throughout all 10 seasons which lead to the couple’s final fate in the sitcom.

Emma Geller-Green who was played by Cali and Noelle Sheldon were born in June 2002, two years before the finale of Friends.

It’s been 13 years since the last episode of Friends aired and almost 15 years since co-stars Cali and Noelle played Emma. The two are now 14 years old and are still child actors.

sheldon-twins-800Veracia Ankrah

They are your average teenage girls that go to school, play sports and have taken up part-time acting as a hobby.

Noelle and Cali Sheldon most recently starred in the adventure drama film Rougarou (2016) and a few episodes in the TV Series entitled Life.

Another duo of twin child stars to star in Friends are Cole and Dylan Sprouse, who took turns playing Ross’ other child Ben.

These childhood stars went on to star in their own Disney sitcom, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and a number of other projects.

The Sprouse brothers are now both 24 years old and taking a little break from acting to finish university. However, they still have a very strong fan-following even after all these years!

You aren’t old, I promise. As for Friends,  I think it just might be time for a reboot or movie. I mean why not? They brought Full House back.


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