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24 Random Memes To Ease Your Workday Blues

After a fun and/or a relaxing weekend, it can be difficult to get back into the work groove.

Having to trudge your way back to the office on a Monday (and every other day until Friday) can feel like a drag.

We’ve collected some hilarious memes to make your work week a little brighter, and hopefully less painful:

1) A pie chart of what happens when you can’t hear someone – because we’ve all been there. The best case scenario? The person is just telling you a joke and laughing nervously because you can’t hear them turns out to be the right answer. The worst case? They’re actually telling you something important and you laugh nervously and appear a little insane.

The logical thing to do is probably to just fess up and tell them you didn’t hear them the first time. But then what happens if you’ve already said you can’t hear them and they’ve already repeated what they said? If we move down the color-coded list, the next thing to do would be to move closer. If you still haven’t heard them at this point, it’s usually the point at which you give up and laugh. Unless you’re that person who will repeatedly shout WHAT?! You really should start questioning your hearing abilities at this point.


2) Here’s a nice bit of truth from John Mayer who is known for his verbal diarrhea and the Soulful Faces he makes while playing his guitar (and the 8 Grammys he’s won). Mayer tells us that it’s important to focus on other things besides how we look. According to his tweet, “the only way to be beautiful is to be loving” – how profound. Bravo, John.

3) Sometimes the way these memes are spelled is as funny as the content of them. But that’s another conversation. This meme is referring to the demon within you who is released during the weekends and often wreaks havoc in your life and the lives of others, causing you to take several days to recover. We all must bid farewell to this demon on Sunday nights so that we can appear semi-presentable at the office on Monday morning.


4) There is an argument that Capitalism is the source of the modern world’s injustice and problems. This meme is alluding to this argument. If you haven’t heard of the comic strip Cyanide and Happiness – you are truly missing out. If you are into dark and sometimes depressing humor, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

5) This one isn’t exactly a funny meme, it’s an honest meme. Heath Ledger is coming at you with some wisdom. And truly, as you grow up you realize that many people seem to check off these milestones as though they are on a to-do list. RIP Heath, you legend.

6) Not that it’s anyone’s business what this family does (and that includes us as well the person who wrote the message on the back of the car), but I mean 8 kids! Soon they’ll have an entire soccer team lineup. But as we said, it’s none of our business [insert Kermit the Frog]. To each their own.

7) Apparently, this app is made so that you never worry about your finances. Of course, that’s easy to say when your monthly income is $10,000. The focus of the pie chart is how the app works to track your income and expenses, but we can’t stop thinking about the “$10,000/month” income part.


8) This comes from the series of Illuminati memes that have recently become popular. And honestly @pokelawls has a point. Technically you are alive for those first 9 months even if it’s in utero. Just because you haven’t been birthed yet, it doesn’t mean you aren’t alive. Although it does throw the whole concept of “birthday” as a measure of how long you’ve been alive into question. Or maybe we’re just thinking about this too much.

9) #Bodypositivity amirite? I mean what makes one body type “attractive” or “acceptable”, and another not? Society, I tell you! If it’s good enough for Frank Reynolds, it should be good enough for the rest of us.

10) And of course you have one of the more famous memes of 2018 so far, the car veering into the highway exit at the last second. This is a good reminder that, even though the work week is not over and you may be tired already, keeping a positive attitude and trying to remain cheerful is half the battle.


11) Margot decided to get a pizza delivered to her house and was unimpressed with her surroundings. Of course, she only added that the pizza was delivered towards the end. She wrote, “Just got to say, the table was dirty, the bathroom was one of the worst I’ve seen, and the ambiance sucked. Guess I shouldn’t have had the pizza home delivered XD but seriously…”


12) Here’s a great answer to a Yahoo question. When Vanessa asked what the phobia of chainsaws is called, Frank N responded, “common sense.” He’s not wrong. But seriously, if you ever want to have a laugh, check out Yahoo answers for some ridiculous questions and equally ridiculous answers.

13) If you’ve ever slept in a bed with anyone (and we mean ANYONE – it doesn’t matter if it’s a Mrs or not) then you’ve likely had to put up with this problem. Some people (we won’t say everyone) like to hog the bed covers and it really is like playing tug-of-war while trying to not to pull your back on your end.


14) If you don’t recognize this ad it’s because it’s not word-for-word the original (otherwise that’d be some pretty awful marketing). It’s a play on the spread product produced by Unilever called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” It really works perfectly in this scenario.

15) Whichever hardware store this is, they are definitely doing something right. They’ve really hit the nail on the head with this aisle – it’s metal AF. And when you’ve got these kinds of problems festering, all you are really hoping for is an aisle of death to wipe all of your issues away.

16) This one is hilarious because we’ve all been disappointed by Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, etc. (whether we want to admit it or not). This is especially the case when we’re younger and your parents end up getting you the knockoff version of what you actually wanted. In this case, Mega Bloks instead of Legos.

17) This a great representation of how much time people have on their hands. What would possess someone to think of something like this and then think “yeah, I think I’ll spend my time making it” – is a question that is unanswerable. Nonetheless, here we have this meme that is random and hilarious because it’s random. Hopefully, its randomness cheers you up.

18) If you don’t know what the deep web is, it’s essentially a part of World Wide Web as you know it whose contents haven’t been indexed by standard web search engines. Not everything on the deep web is dark web type content, but of course, there is some pretty shocking content. Maybe not as bad as finding yourself on sale for 70% off, but you get the point.

19) There are some memes that just rub you the wrong way. Either you don’t find the funny, or maybe you find them offensive. Either way, not everything on the internet is going to please you. Since the internet is for everyone, everything on it has its own audience that it appeals to. With that being said, sometimes when a meme you find particularly offensive for whatever reason meets its expiration date, you couldn’t be happier.

20) It’s funny when parents think they can tell their children that they’ll support them no matter their career choice and actually think that their children will choose something reasonable. It’s 2018, for crying out loud. The only appealing career choices are the ones listed below in the meme. Everything else is a moot point.

21) This one is absolutely adorable (and also relatable). Receiving a compliment is always a great feeling. Your face lights up when someone tells you that you look cute, just like this little sweet pumpkin. So pay it forward – help make more people’s work week bearable. Also, who carved this pumpkin? They deserve an award.

22) This is also highly relatable. What kind of coding magic is in those Snapchat filters? We can’t decide whether they are highly upsetting or gratifying because the moment you shift and the filter disappears and you are (quite literally) face-to-face with what you actually look like – that’s a sadly upsetting realization.

23) If you have read receipts on your messages or you’re using an app that informs the person sending the message that the recipient has received it, then you’ve definitely been here before. Sometimes you’re curious and want to see what someone has sent you without having the pressure of responding right away (or responding at all).

24) This is a throwback to the weekend you aren’t currently having but might have come Friday. We’ve all been there when your sober self-talks to your drunk self and for a moment you realize that your next day is going to be hell, but you’re having so much fun that you couldn’t GAF. Come at me hangover (but pls be gentle).


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