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Christian ‘Researcher’ Says That The Rapture Will Start On Saturday

The world is set to end soon if you take author David Meade at his word.

Meade says that he enjoys merging science with the Bible. In 2016, Meade published a novel Planet X: The 2017 Arrival, which discussed in detail a planet called Nibiru that was set to collide with Earth. He wrote that the existence of Nibiru is evident without a reasonable doubt and that he has seen the planet himself.

“I have seen Planet X on the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) through Worldwide Telescope. […] It is currently in the constellation Pisces, and is clearly marked as an Unidentified Object (but quite plainly visible dark red star) known as IC 5385.”

He clarified the dates on his website. Meade believes that the mainstream media has misinterpreted his message about the timeline.

According to him, October is the month to watch.

“The American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, is the TIME MARKER – a 40-day countdown – the Sign of Jonah, to the beginning of the month of October.  October is the month to watch!” Meade writes.

He continues with his belief that the “major signs” bound to occur on September 23 will be something to witness but that the “The actual event of the beginning of the Tribulation occurs on October 15.  That’s when the action starts.”

Among the countless posts on his website describing the rapture, he also has several videos accompanying his messages.

The videos include a woman sharing a dream she had about the rapture and alleged video evidence from the Bible.

Meade writes, “By the Revelation sign in Heaven  December 23, 2016 – September 23, 2017, being on the exact same month and day of Noah’s day flood, we know this to be the time John stood on the earth during Revelation.”

In the same post, Meade included a story from his friend in Kenya, Kevin Mirasi. Mirasi spoke of an alleged dream he had in which the Lord came to him and told him that the Earth would encounter a certain planet, presumed to be Planet X.

Meade and those who believe in a similar message have said that NASA is covering up the existence of Planet X, a statement which NASA has denied.

In an editor’s note on September 20, NASA wrote, “Various people are ‘predicting’ that the world will end Sept. 23 when another planet collides with Earth. The planet in question, Niburu, doesn’t exist, so there will be no collision.”

“As you can see from the Q&A below, the story of Niburu has been around for years (as has the “days of darkness” tale) and is periodically recycled into new apocalyptic fables,” they added.

NASA published answers to a Q&A session in 2012 where scientists debunked the existence of Planet X.


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