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12 Rare Photos Of Princess Diana At Home And Out Of The Spotlight


Although Princess Diana was busy with her duties and charity work, it doesn’t mean she didn’t take the time to bond with her family. We don’t need to be an insider to know this; countless photographic records show that Diana was a loving mother with a kind predisposition.

She was married to the Prince of Wales from 1981 to 1997 and had two sons, Harry and Charles. In the years before the tragic car accident that took her life, Diana spent a lot of time at the Kensington Palace. The time she spent at the Royal grounds was well recorded for the rest of the world to see and never forget.

Here are 12 beautiful photos of Diana, Princess of Wales, spending quality time with her family and husband at the time.

It’s nice to see her relaxing at home and out of the spotlight.

1. Here is a picture of Princess Diana and her sons Harry and William spending some time on the royal residence grounds of Highgrove in Tetbury, Gloucestershire July 1986.

2. A baby Prince William hanging out with mom at the Kensington Palace in 1983. Look at the smiles on those faces.

3. Prince Charles and Princess Diana with a young Prince William. As the Prince and Princess hang out on a wooden bench, the toddler explores the gardens of Kensington Palace.

4. Here she is playing piano with her sons. Prince William and Prince Harry are seen sitting at a piano in Kensington Palace in 1985.

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