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These People Actually Look Like Real Life Simpsons Characters


The Simpsons are one of the most recognized and beloved families on television. It’s both:

  • The longest running animated series in prime time history
  • As well as the longest running sitcom in America.

However, have you ever wondered what they’d look like in real life?

Here are some people who bear a striking resemblance to Simpsons characters.

Perhaps the longest standing villain on the series is Montgomery Burns, a maniacal billionaire who is both owner of the nuclear power plant and Homer’s boss. He’s probably not a man you’d like to meet in real life but you can if you run into this man.


Krusty the Clown is known for bringing the laughs as both the host of Bart’s favorite television series and the face of the infamous Krusty Burger chain of restaurants. However, when the man otherwise known as Herschel Krustofski is off the clock, he’s far from the happy-go-lucky character he plays on his show.


Sideshow Bob, a recurring villain on the comedy is practically just as known for his crazy hairstyle as he is for his repeated attempts to harm Bart Simpson. In the photo, a man seems to have styled his ponytail to resemble the criminal clown, even holding a knife for added effect. Perhaps this was for a costume?


Principal Skinner is your typical by-the-book principal. Which is why this man fits the bill, not just in his appearance but his very Skinner-like expression.


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