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20 Really Bad Prom Dresses


Prom season is the magical time when high school students get to celebrate the end of school before moving on to bigger and better things. There’s usually a prom theme, people prom-pose to each other, and of course there is the big question of what to wear. Prom dresses come in a variety of style and colors, and sometimes people even chose to make their own. Sometimes this results in a stunning gown, and other times not so much. While it’s true not every prom dress can be perfect, there are some dresses out there that are frankly, a bit bad. The worst can range from:

  • Those that show too much skin,
  • Clashing colors or designs,
  • DIY disasters.

There are some dresses that could totally work for a different event, but seeing these get-ups mixed in with prom outfits is a bit jarring.

Here is a list of 20 really awful prom dresses that people have worn over the years. I think that everyone should be able to wear whatever they want and whatever makes them feel comfortable, but there are definitely a few dresses out there that made me raise an eyebrow.

1. Devil Date: I’m wondering what this girl’s parents thought when she brought home Satan as her prom date. These outfits would look cute on Halloween, but is this really the way this couple wanted to go to prom?

2. Represent: While it’s good to be proud of your favorite sports teams, is it really necessary to do so at one of the most memorable events of your life? Not to mention the long slit in the front of the dress. This seems to be a reoccurring style and I just don’t get it.

3. Backwards Dress? Is this supposed to be a joke? I’m pretty sure if any girl rolled into her prom dressed in this get up, she would get kicked out. It’s obviously insanely revealing and not even in a flattering way. It almost looks like this girl is wearing the dress backwards.

4. Knight In Shining Duct Tape: Sure it can be cute to match with your date for prom. Several couples do so by coordinating colors and getting matching flowers. However this couple has taken it a bit too far. It kind of looks like they’re ready to go to a cosplay event with these over exaggerated sleeves. It also really looks like these outfits are made out of duct tape. Perhaps this couple was trying to save money on the fancy clothes, but at what cost? 

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