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16 Hilarious Reasons Why Kids Are Upset

When you’re a kid, it’s the little things that seem like the end of the world. Only when you become an adult and deal with more intense stuff do you realize how silly it was back then.

Now when you see kid freaking out over absolutely nothing, you can’t help but be really entertained. For example, if you are at your nephew’s birthday party and he wants to touch dog poop and you tell him no? Go home.

Let’s face it, baby tears are pretty unpredictable and the reason behind them are pretty hilarious. For them it’s a big deal, but for us adults…it’s entertaining. Here are 16 times kids cried because of….nothing!

1. All the kid wanted to do is walk the dog. But he just doesn’t get it that the dog doesn’t want to walk…he wants to stand.

2. This little girl wanted to touch her dog’s poop and her mom just didn’t allow it. It’s hard not getting what you want…even if it’s gross.

3. When the microwave takes your food away from you, all you can do is cry. Also, kids don’t understand they’ll get the food back!

4. She just wanted to wash her parent’s face. I’m worried how this kid will react when her parents tell her no to going out on school nights!

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