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Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Should Never Sleep Naked

Sleep is something that we all need. It allows us to refresh and reset for the next day. While as kids we dreaded the afternoon naps, as adults all of the sudden we have a hankering for naps. As kids, we could go all day in school, partake in after-school sports practices, go home for dinner and homework and still not be sleepy.

But then as adults, a mere hour after waking up and we already feel tired and in dire need of a nap.

While there are many mysteries surrounding sleep and its dream state, here are eight reasons why you should never sleep naked.

1. Pajamas are awesome! Nowadays we have so many different nightgowns to choose from that the attire we wear going to bed could serve as a miniature fashion show. With differently patterned pajamas and now with dinosaur or werewolf onesies, all of the sudden prancing around in our pajamas is fun once again!

2. For those that live up in the northern hemisphere of the world, you realize that those winter nights are no joke. So sleeping naked will only cause you to have more goosebumps than usual.

3. Not everyone knocks! If you live alone and want to sleep naked then, by all means, do what you got to do. But if you live with a roommate or with family, then there might be a chance that they inadvertently walk into your room as you’re sleeping naked.

4. On the off chance that you have to immediately evacuate your house, you would have to slip on pants and a shirt before rushing outdoors. Whereas, if you were already wearing your pajamas you could just directly head outside.

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