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16 Kids’ Monster Drawings Recreated By Famous Artists

Kids have a tendency to draw some very imaginative artwork, especially when it comes to monsters and other magical beings. What happens when artists recreate those drawings? The Monster Project is a new idea where recreated monster drawings done by professional artists are compared to the originals drawn by children.

Each recreated monster drawing is unique in its own way. The project really shows how different kids are from each other and how strange the things they imagine can be. The artists draw monsters in much more detail, but the basic ideas all stem from each child’s piece of art.

The re-imagined monster artwork can be scary at times, but it can also be whimsical or just plain silly. What each artist captures in the recreated monster drawings is the unrestrained nature of children’s creativity. They do not follow any strict rules about art or how to draw, so their imaginary monsters have as much personality as they do.

1. This first recreated monster drawing is given new life and a much more detailed background. The artists breathe new life into the fire-breathing, three-headed, technicolor dragon.

2. This re-imagined monster artwork also portrays a three-headed beast, although this one appears much more ferocious and terrifying. The artists manage to capture all of the small details, including the red spikes.

3. Not all of these recreated monster drawings are scary. Here, the artist portrays a child’s monster as just being a little bit clumsy. Maybe he was running late for something?

4. Of course, some of these monsters turn out much more terrifying when they are rendered in such high detail. It’s hard to say what the creepiest part of this one is: the teeth or the eyestalks.

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