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Ellen Asks Reese Witherspoon And Pink The Same Question About Intercourse And Their Responses Were Very Different

Who doesn’t love the Ellen Degeneres Show? If you’re having a pretty terrible day, just turning on the TV and flipping the channel to Ellen can brighten up your day instantly. Especially her segments, they’re pretty hilarious.

One that is pretty popular is when she plays “Never Have I Ever” with her celebrity guests. Usually she does it with two different celebs in one game. Ellen’s laid back, candid style often convinces celebrities to reveal some of their most intimate secrets. She just has a way of making things feel less intense and…dramatic.

This week, actress Reese Witherspoon and singer P!nk both appeared on the show. They both were called onto stage to participate in the game ‘Never Have I ever.’ Ellen wasted to time and got right into the juicy questions that fans were curious about. All three had very different responses and reactions to the questions.

That’s no surprise though, P!nk has more of that rocker chick vibe to her whereas Reese is more reserved and perhaps even more private. Regardless the opposite feel to them made for a pretty entertaining segment and fans absolutely loved it. Ellen began by asking the question ‘Never have I ever received or given a lap dance to a stranger’.

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