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24 Children Who Inherited Something Really ‘Special’ From Their Parents

In a recent Reddit  thread, one user asked parents what traits they regretted their children inheriting from them.

The answers poured in, from parents who regretted their children’s inherited traits, children who regretted their own genetic inheritance, and even people commenting on the less-than-stellar traits their spouses had passed on!

For 24 regrettable inherited traits, read on!

“I’m mostly dutch, my ex-wife is Polish-Italian. My 19-year-old sons have thicker, better facial hair than I do at 46. F*ckers.”(DarkFlounder)
“This is a bad one from me. I have a beautiful little 10-year-old daughter in every way. Very smart, funny, and nice looking girl. Unfortunately every couple of weeks she has to cut nose hairs which are growing too long. I guess I got to take the blame for this one…” (swentech)
“My daughter has inherited my ability to trip over the air! Poor girl. Every 20 seconds she yells, “I’m ok!” She is 5.” 

“My 9-year-old son is exactly like me in that we’re both bright, quick-on-the-uptake kind of people. If we want to learn how to do something, we sit down and learn how to do it. No problem. Unless there IS a problem, at which point we both decide it’s not worth doing and quit immediately because we can’t be bothered with something that takes actual effort for us to learn. It’s not an attractive trait, and I’ve tried to encourage him to do otherwise but it’s difficult.”  

“My family has a lengthy history of being emotionally distant and cold; I’ve inherited that, to a large extent. Also, our “unique” way of thinking, which other people frequently don’t understand. Like, I feel most comfortable wearing a mask (a literal actual mask). My mother has an entire attic room that’s full of many different colors of glass. My brother’s hand-crafting parts for a motorcycle, to his own specification and taste. We just tend towards not doing or seeing things the way other people do.” (dethb0y)

“My daughter inherited my husband’s insistence in figuring things out on his own. It’s already difficult enough trying to teach a toddler anything, but when they actively fight your instruction and then throw a tantrum because it’s not working out, it makes things significantly more so. I’m just trying to show you the markers only work if you take the top off, stop screaming at me!” (TreeOfLight)

“My daughter has inherited my snoring. When I was a kid, there wasn’t a field trip to school or a sleepover with friends where this wasn’t an issue for me. I hope she grows out of it or at least finds some friends who sleep deeply.” 

“He’s a home pooper/lone pooper. Like me, he will only go at home or when he is completely by himself in a bathroom in school, in the middle of class. He checks for hanging feet and will go into a holding pattern until the turd burglar vacates.” 

“My son got only good things from his Dad, such as his intelligence and his curiosity about the world, but I have a horrible feeling that his negative traits come from me. He even looks like his Dad, but somehow when he gets into a stubborn and difficult mood I see my own face reflected back at me! Sometimes the intelligence he got from his Dad is annoying too, particularly when he outsmarts me or makes me laugh with a clever joke when I’m supposed to be sternly telling him off.” 

“My younger two are daredevils. I was the same way when I was a kid so I get it, but they are going to get themselves killed one of these days. My youngest broke his collarbone when he was a little over a year old because he climbed out of his crib. I imagine that we will have many more hospital visits in the future.” 

“Ugh. My 19-year-old inherited my hypochondria. She’s paranoid that every ache or bump means she has a deadly disease. I can’t judge. Every headache I have is a brain tumor. Every chest ache is a heart attack. I told her not to Google her symptoms. I can at least give her that.” (TooOldForACleverName)

“My ex-wife still sleeps with the stuffed animals she had as a child. They are threadbare, filthy, and probably seething with disease. It was a major contributor to our divorce. Our 11-year-old son sleeps with a large stuffed rabbit that he got when he was a baby and absolutely will not part with it. I’m afraid he’s going to be just like her and will be taking this disgusting thing on his honeymoon.” 

“My son has his dad’s loud voice. I’m trying to teach him to use a normal goddamn voice, but it’s been an uphill battle.” (PancakeSanchez)
“My oldest son is a super good liar. He got that from me. Is it bad that I’m sorta proud? (a lot proud)” (branoveracat)
“My mother probably has anxiety. I have anxiety. Both my daughters have anxiety. Way to go, DNA!” 

“My insomnia. Both my 15-year-old daughter and my 4-year-old son have it. My daughter thought it was cool to not be sleepy until the middle of the night until middle school. Then extra time reading wasn’t as cool as being exhausted. My son is the same way. He likes the dude time hanging out with dad, but I know what his future is going to be like and I feel bad for the little guy. Meanwhile, his mom sleeps like a log. She is usually out by nine and gets a good ten hours of sleep. I am jealous.” 

Regrettable Inherited Traits: Sleepyhead Central

“Both my children have inherited their father’s inability to act like a decent human being in the morning. They wake up and act like miserable s***s for the first hour of being awake. I’m a human alarm for all of them because they sleep right through them, but God forbid I wake them when their alarm won’t. It’s like waking a wild beast from its winter slumber. It sucks, I’m totally a happy morning person and to be stuck with a bunch of zombie-like a-holes for an hour can really put a damper on the day. Luckily it’s like clockwork and as soon as that hour passes, they’re all back to unicorns and sunshine.”

Regrettable Inherited Traits: Tenor

“I’m not positive yet… but I think my son is going to be as hairy as his father. Only 2 years old and has a HUGE mop of hair on his head (it’s adorable right now), and I can already feel leg hair on him. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the thought of my baby as a big hairy man makes me sad.

“I get my laugh from my father. It’s a very annoying laugh which uses the higher end of our registers, it might not be that ear-piercing coming from a relatively deep-voiced man who used to smoke, but it’s really bad coming from me, whose voice still hasn’t fully developed (common voice cracks, etc). I feel bad for the people who have to listen to it (I laugh very easily).” 

“My husband is high-strung, likes to argue, and gets upset over things being different than normal. My daughter is high-strung, likes to argue, and gets upset over things being different than normal. Because of this, they’re always getting in fights when one of them sets the other one off. Hilariously, neither of them will admit that they’re like the other one.” 

“My daughter inherited my “always gotta be doing or saying something” side. If I am not talking, I’m fidgeting with something. Right now, she is behind me making up a conversation with herself while twirling a plastic spoon around. While watching TV.” 

“My daughter inherited my wife’s ability to hold a grudge. If you are rude to her, she will hate you for eternity and think about how much she hates you even years later. Even if she says she forgives you, she doesn’t. She will say it just because she knows it’s the right thing to do.” 

Regrettable Inherited Traits: Giphy

“I’ve heard that young kids don’t understand sarcasm. Our 3-year-old daughter is sarcastic as hell … Just like her parents. I kinda regret that.” (theterriblefamiliar)
“I inherited crooked pinky fingers, split toenails, and vitiligo from my father. Thanks, dad.” 

“My daughter sleepwalks … and so does my husband. They both wake me up randomly at night asking me questions and grabbing me to tell me something SO IMPORTANT that makes no sense but they get upset that I don’t understand. Luckily my daughter hasn’t figured out how to get out of her bed when she’s sleepwalking.” 

“I definitely inherited the way I eat popcorn from my dad. Both of us shovel it into our mouths. Not, like, we just take a few kernels and put them in our mouths. We’re full-on SHOVELING them. It gets really enjoyable for the poor people we watch movies with.” 

“Just like my dad, I can’t burp. No joke. So instead of releasing excess air from my stomach in a belch, like a normal person, I gurgle… and the gurgling lasts for hours and is extremely loud.” (PetiteHibou)
“My husband is very hot-blooded. He sweats constantly and is always turning on a fan or turning down the AC. If my daughter inherits this I will eventually freeze not to mention have a ridiculous electricity bill.” 

“Both of my kids’ lack any physical or athletic ability. Watching them do sports is kind of embarrassing. No fluidity, no speed, no skill. Just like me when I was a kid. Luckily, they’re a lot smarter than me.” 

“My two-year-old farted in the car yesterday and tried to blame it on me…
Yeah, he got that from his mom! No way I would do something like that!” 
“My daughter loves music and singing. I was a classically trained violinist. Her mother is tone-deaf. She didn’t take after me. RIP my ears” 


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