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Remove Back And Belly Fat In No Time With This Simple Exercise


With bathing suit season right around the corner, many of you are probably dusting off your weights and yoga mats in order to prep that summer body for the beach.  It can be difficult to stay motivated over the colder months. Plus, from October through to April, there are tons of Holiday’s with big meals like:

  • Thanksgiving,
  • Christmas,
  • Easter.

How many of you stuffed your faces but forgot to hit the gym after? If you’re one of the lazy ones, you might be looking for a quick and simple exercise routine that will get you in shape in time for the summer months. 

What if I told you there’s a simple exercise that will only take 4 minutes out of your day? If you keep it up for a full month, you will reduce body fat as well as enhance your strength and endurance. You will also help to reduce all that belly and back fat. Are you ready to give it a try? Don’t try these at home until you consult with a medical professional first.

1. The Plank: First, I’ll explain what the exercise is, how to do it, and I’ll point out some tips and tricks. Then I’ll explain how to adjust the workout over the month to see the results you want.

2. Demonstration: YouTube channel Runtastic Fitness shared a video on how to achieve the perfect plank.

3. Exercise: The instructor explains that planks are an isometric exercise which means that you are holding a single position and working on muscle strength without even having to move. This would be the perfect workout for people with small spaces.

4. Start: Most people are familiar with what a basic plank is. This particular form is called a ‘hand plank.’ You start by placing your hands on the ground, directly underneath your shoulders and using your toes you are going to push your knees towards the ceiling.

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