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Here’s What $1000 A Month In Rent Looks Like In Different Places Around The World


If you live in a big city, you know that the only thing funnier than “housing prices” jokes is the actual price that good housing goes for. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer (congratulations … I think) or a student just figuring out how to cook boxed mac and cheese in the microwave of their rented apartment, the search can be arduous.

As a Torontonian, I always hear that housing prices here are worse than (almost) anywhere else in Canada, and I was curious about how they compared to prices from all over the world. So, I collected housing prices from 16 places across the globe to see what you could rent for a thousand American dollars a month.

Some of it was surprising, and some of it was very much not (seriously, were you expecting a three-floor house in the middle of Manhattan?). Small-towners can laugh, city folks can cry, and everyone can agree that a balcony makes even the worst space livable!

1. Brooklyn, America — $1,000
Cost in local currency: $1,000
Size: 300-square-foot studio apartment (yes, you read that right)
Pros: There’s really something to be said for a minimalist living!
Cons: Unfortunately, that “something” is “it sucks.”

2. Bali, Indonesia – $1,041
Cost in local currency: 165,000,000IDR per year
Size: Two-bedroom villa
Pros: Not only does your house look like literal earthly paradise, you have a private pool.
Cons: trying not to sound like a total douchebag when you tell your friends you live in a villa

3. Levallois-Perret (Paris-adjacent), France – $1,174
Cost in local currency: €1,000EUR per month
Size: Split-level one-bedroom apartment
Pros: Living in a treehouse was my literal childhood dream, and getting to live in a split-level loft apartment is pretty much as close as you can get as an adult.
Cons: Sleepwalking.

4. Prague, Czech Republic – $990
Cost in local currency: 22,000CZK per month
Size: Studio apartment
Pros: Really, really outrageously pretty.
Cons: I don’t even live here and yet it’s beautiful, gleaming whiteness already mocks my pretensions at cleanliness.

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